Writing a book. Need help with some things

Hello :slight_smile:
It’s been a while since I’ve been back here. If you just want to answer the questions, just skip the pictures, they are right after.
And I have decided to talk about my book that I have been working on since I was 16 years old; this book is very important to me, it’s the reason why I was interested in spirits and magic. It’s a book inspired by great fantasy books, such as those of J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft and others, but also by Japanese literature (light novel). So it’s a mixture of the two. To give you a very slight glimpse of the universe, here are some drawings î_î :

PS : The story is based on the Genesis of the Bible and the apocalypse of St. Jean.




To put it simply, I did a lot of research, first of all on religions, mainly the 3 great sacred text first, which I read with interest and without judgment (mainly their Genesis). But later, in my search for originality (like many authors, I think :smile:), I discovered esotericism, the occult and decided to incorporate it into my book. Let’s just say I was a little fed up with the very famous magic system in the fantasy worlds: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, I wanted other things more complex and deeper :thinking:
So I come to the first issue, my story has not yet had time to show the full extent of its magic, so I wanted to get your opinion beforehand on the system I created (it’s long, because it’s complete):

  • General magic:
    — Elementary magic
    — White Magic
    — Black Magic
    — Incovation magic

  • Specialized magic:
    — The magic of undermining
    — Anti-magic
    — Assistance magic
    — Seal Magic
    — Alteration magic

  • Ancient magic:
    — Druidism
    — Shamanism
    — Necromancy
    — Enchanting
    — Metamorphosis

If you wish, I can give you the whole list of possible things with each of these magic to give you a better idea. I also want to say that my goal is not to imitate the magic of our world, but to create it with the help of our magic. I was wondering if there were too many or not enough, my story is largely long enough to develop all this (we are talking about a lot of volume), but I wanted to have an external opinion and especially wise one, on magic and its aspects, because I know that in our world alone, there are many of them.

Besides that magic is used by many people, it’s a common thing, but it’s also used by demons. I don’t really know much about demons and I would like to make them as “realistic” as possible, in other words, how is that demon with you? What is they behavior? And what are the things “they bring” to you? :face_with_monocle:
There will be mainly 8 demons those who “represent” the deadly sins (from the time of the Greeks, not the sins of Christianity, so this is : Gluttony, Covetousness, Lust, Vanity, Despair, Wrath, Pride and Acedia.), so there should be: Belial (by far the most important of all), Asmodeus, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belzebuth, Belphegor… for the 8th representing vainglory/vanity, I am still looking for which demon could fulfil this criterion, if you have an idea, it’s welcome.
On the other side, there are the 7 cardinal virtues (I added one to counterbalance the 8 sins), including the main one, “Hopefullness” represented by the Archangel Michael. I’m going to stop there for the angels, I also have to do my part of the work.

If you can also tell me if this map is well made or not it will help me (if someone knows about geography, etc.), it represents the micro-continent where everything happens :

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, it might even remind me of things I’ve forgotten.
Thank you for going through this, and I’ll see you later :slight_smile:


Ok let me start off by saying iys of am a writer and I do love the artvas well as the concept

Books need a beginning conflict resolution and an end

What leads up to the practice of magic

What kind as you speak

Any character can learn many types of magic
On character in my book can control lightning another can bend rocks and levitate them

I say choose the best ones that will fit you character make sure you have an out line of the protagonist personality to figure it out

As far as anything else goes I believe you got every thing else worked out I’m sure so beat of luck to you making this book and you can always pm me if you need help or have questions I’m always here…my only question to you is are the demons in the book destined to be seen as good or bad?

I hope this helps you

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