Wrecking the Business of A Former Employer

Hello BALG! I haven’t posted here in awhile, but I feel the need to share some results and sing the praises of a trio of demons who have come through for me recently.

So I had a job a few months ago where I worked for a very churchy, very manic, and very condescending guy. He and his wife ran the business and after being there for a few weeks I immediately noticed that he loved talking down to his male employees, treating us like we were complete idiots and at any moment he could work himself into a frenzy and go off on us about how dumb we are. After being there for awhile, around 3 months, I had a very unlucky couple of weeks. I got really, really sick and had a fever for around four days and my girlfriend hurt herself and needed a surgery. I ended up taking off around a week of work and surprisingly my boss initially seemed very understanding. I kept him updated on everything that was going on regarding my illness and regarding my girlfriend’s surgery. He told me to call him when I felt better. And so I did, but he didn’t reply for three weeks and only sent me texts that he would check the schedule to see when I was needed. He was giving me the run around so I immediately began doing some smaller jobs to compensate for my sudden lack of income. Suddenly out of now where, about a month from when I last contacted him, he tried calling me into work. I told him that I was pissed off and that I already had another job. He said that he was pissed off too that I didn’t come into work and said he didn’t remember our conversation when I told him that I couldn’t come in. I told him to get me the pay he owed me and that I would rather live in a cardboard box than to work for him. Dramatic? Yes, but after putting up with this asshole for as long as I did, my resentment and hatred was boiling to the surface. He said that he would get me the money when he could. I didn’t trust him at all, so I turned towards the spiritual world to solve my problem.

I began with a curse where he was bound and subdued by a particular Japanese deity that is known for his destruction of one’s enemies. I still felt called to punish him further, and to send some more spirits to collect his debt. I gathered up some money herbs and some baneful herbs and scattered them on a plate and arranged some hand poured around it. I then began a three day invocation where I would invoke Bune, Raum, and Andromalius to destroy his business, humble him and bring him sorrow, and to finally repay what he owes me. I offered blood and wine with the promise of more after his debt was paid and his business was in ruins. About two months later, present time, I find out that his wife has left him and locked him out of all of his accounts, most of the floor of his business is being used for storage, and he has had to lay off most of his employees. When I asked him where my money was, he told me all of this and sent me his former wife’s phone number and to ask her for it. His wife was always very kind to me and she was treated even worse than I was, so I’m very pleased that she is now free of him. Still waiting on the money but I feel satisfied with the other outcomes of this working. Very fast and very effective. Maybe I should have collected my debt before I sent the demons on his case? We will see.


I am glad he got served!

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