Wow... What a mess

Here goes. We live in a sentient god-manufacturing machine. By using number codes and turning them into words/names, we can specify different modes/aspects/functions of this machine. We can channel that energy into a thought-form. There are “core” entities that the old-school magicians worked with… possibly created. Before everything went nuts. What CAN happen when you take the name/sigil of that spirit is that you can connect to the same energy and channel it into your own lesser, distorted copy of the original entity. But if you know how to set your intention right, you can reach through that name or sigil and grab the core entity/energy behind it. THAT core energy/entity will be pretty damn consistent. It all comes down to intention and expectation.

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It’s what I love about it so much! The ambiguity of the occult

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It’s only ambiguous for about the first five years. Then shit gets really, really, REALLY real. Turns out there is a WAY THINGS ARE and people who know all about it, though we’ll all describe it fumblingly it different language.

Lucifer is one of them right? And lillith? Like the big guys you hear about

The truth is a neverending unfolding process. Every entity has a huge spectrum of faces, maybe this can help in your undersanding.