Wow,my experience with Lucifer!

Today I wish to share my dialogue with Lucifer. I have tried in the last attempts to communicate but felt short of hearing his words in my mind. I know now,that I am being groomed by all these entities and as I mature & practice often like the magus C.J. Lee s word of encouragement to continue to practice and the words of these gods will become clear to your understanding. Well,I summoned him for the third time and much to my surprise…! he spoke to be in a gentle voice,gave instruction with authority. I felt,heard the difference compared to the previous two summonings that it is indeed Lucifer speaking to me. He told me that the great king Paimon will bring the things I desired. He did also reiterate what Ravenascent has advice to stop dwelling on the ritual and outcome. He has even boosted my faith that this is “ALL” real people !!! I am sooo fucking excited that I mean something to them !. I also love all my brothers & sisters who loves the left hand path. Thank you to all the goetic gods !