Wow first ever evocation (I think?) Sargatanas strong as hell

So I’ve decided to dedicate my life now to the lhp, and decided to ask Lucifer to help me and pledged to him , didn’t hear a response, didn’t do anything formal. So the demon that I have become most interested in sargatanas , because I have read on here how effective and powerful he his at influencing women satanachia is also on the list. I was lying in bed lights off and tried some breathing, focused on energy. I took out my phone then stared at sargatanas sigil. I asked him to come then asked if he was here I felt something, so I asked if he would work with me. Then I felt this insane surge of energy this is my first time I’ve never felt like that before, I felt like I could bench press 700lbs. Well I him my Desires and to open my chakras to hear him felt alot of pressure on various locations on my head. I could “hear” something but idk not clear. Then the power subsides and I quickly offer a glass of water. I’m still kinda having like hot flashes. Idk if my request will be filled, but wow what an experience no visuals really, only wish I could have at lest heard more clearly because I do not want to upset if instructions were given. Need to work up to more formal evocation and meditation and breathing exercises I hope he helps me out.