Would't try it again

A few years ago I hired a Santeria Lady to use cohersive magick to get my ex back. I also did a one of E.A.'s baneful magick curses on my cousin’s husband (which also didn’t work). Neither worked. But what did happen is: My new gf cheated on me, I had to file for bankruptcy, I got fired from a 60,000 per year job, and had to move back in with my parents. Anybody who tells me there is not blowback from black magick can suck it.

You’re a novice and don’t know what you’re doing. So don’t come in here and try to act like you do know more than any of us. Most here are at your level or a little above. Some are well beyond you. For those more knowledgeable, we know what we’re doing when doing baneful magic so that we don’t screw ourselves over.

I most assuredly don’t know what I am doing. That is an understatement. I didn’t mean to come off like a know it all. I apologize to you. I will keep an open mind and try to keep a humble and teachable disposition. Thanks for the reprimand. It will help me grow in the long run. I am still fearful to get hosed again :).

Its sounds like that instead of having someone else like a Santeria Lady work a ritual for you, you should be doing all your own stuff. Also, (for whatever reason divination seems to be a theme in my rituals and workings as of lately) you NEED to do some serious divination before you embark on something as serious as baneful workings. If you want success in a certain area, you gotta look at the terrain first before you go launching your attack which could backfire on you, literally!
But ya, divination is where its at as a preliminary step to most workings. Sure, you’ll have the impetus to work a random or hasty ritual as you feel that your spirit moves you and that’s fine too. But to hit the mark dead center, you gotta see what your aiming for first and what may be some potential hazards so that you can avoid them all together. Keep at it jboy!!

There are threads on here on how to keep it from coming back to you. Usually involving cleansing and banishing the negative energy you make when cursing.

You won’t convince anyone on the ski hill that skis don’t work just because you fell on your ass the first time you used them.

I know CUSP. I was just angry at myself when I posted this. There are a lot of adept magicians here that successfully pull it off. I will someday. Just one step at a time.