Would you really like to know your future (from a LD last night)?

Thanks all and have a great day ! :slight_smile:

I never cared too much about my future untill recently where I decided to put an end in the self-destruction of my own life.
On the hood guy, why dont you ask for initiation next time? The odd answer is much like he’s playing with you, maybe he just likes irony.

Whoa, interesting. I would like to know my future but only certain things like if I’ll be as successful in business and investments as I want to be, who I’ll marry and how many kids I’ll have. Stuff like that. I don’t want to know stuff like when I’m going to die or anything

[quote=“The Eye, post:1, topic:3198”]I’ve been lucid again.

a) would you really like to know your future ? Do you think it is wise to know ? Or would it be like “cheating” ? Why or why not would you like to know ?

b) have you tried to know your future by asking to a spirit like Astaroth or any other who can fortell the future ? If yes, was the information given accurate ?

Oh and :

c) on a sidenote, seems that I’m on a lucky streaks about LD, so I’d like to know whether some people here are interested by an experiment. I dont know when I’m gonna be lucid again, it could be tonight or in 1 month because I can’t LD/AP at will for now. But for the next time I get lucid I’d like to have some volunteers if some people are interested (if there’s no one, no worries, I’ve quite a lot of things to do in the astral anyway lol)

Thanks all and have a great day ! :)[/quote]

1: Of course I’d love to know my future. If I knew my future
I could act now to change aspects I didn’t like about it.
Like when people do readings before spells, they want to
know if it will work and the outcome and etc…
and in general it would be entertaining.

2: when I was born my grandmother told my mom
that she would cry tears of blood for me. My
grandma didn’t like my mom, but my grandma
some how knew. (My grandma from my Father’s
side of the family)
Also, my great uncle who is a priest, talks to angels
and makes them do work for him. He never
evoked them, they were just there assisting him.
No one really ever saw him do anything huge, but
from time to time he would pull books of the shelve
without touching them or light candles by saying,
" light up please."

well, he told me I was destined for something big.
I haven’t seen anything so, I guess he was wrong.
It would be nice to know though lol.

  1. Sure. I’ll do it. I want to learn how to astral travel and
    lucid dream anyways. Or at least get a better aiming point
    in life. I volunteer as tribute lol. Just don’t give me to
    many nightmares I can’t control.

Very good dream recall actually.
I can’t remember exact things like the name
on a grave stone 100 feet away from
in a dream, but in general pretty good.

I’m always down for experiments, so count me in. Edit: NVM, my recall is shit at the moment.

Can you really know the future though? Doesn’t knowing the future change it like the uncertainty principle, where observing something at the quantum level changes it?

I still suspect the only difference between predicting the future and creating the future is lack of ambition. I tend to treat them as one and the same, switching between those views as the situation dictates.

I’m of the opinion talking to dream characters is a complete waste of time, no matter who they are or what they look like. They just spit out random crap. You’d have been better practicing using blind spots like with how you summoned that mirror.

@The Eye

No, I actually got led to BALG where I realized the importance of Divination.
I just got something poping in my mind about the hood guy: Psychopompos. Makes sense for if you know yourself, you know your future.

@The Cusp

You can take into count how you’re interfering in your future in the present time and that will yield a more likely outcome in your prediction about it. But yeah, future can always be changed, no matter what.

Oh and also.
Do you need a link to me?
Like my name or a picture or what?

And should I ask TWF my self?

I’m game.

decent, if I don’t remember right away and write it down, I usually remember most of the dream randomly throughout the day. though my recall dropped to shit for a few days because of a change in sleep schedule, it seems to be back to normal.

I’ve been thinking this over all day.

Leaving aside all the stuff about whether it’s possible, if there was a book with my future 100% accurately predicted in it I’d HATE to know, and that’s because it would take the fun, the thrills, the uncertanty and sense of effort and achievement out of life for me.

I can and do ask spiritual advice on various short-term goals, as well as using divinatory methods and so on, and I’ve got a fairly good idea when I’m likely to die, because I have things to accomplish and being given a time-frame for them suited the shared interests of myself and the entities I work with, but to know my entire future life would be horrible.

They don’t call leaked details of plots and endings on the TV “Spoilers” for nothing!

I’d feel disempowered and like my own choices and actions counted for nothing. Actually, that’s probably why I’m so interested in stuff like block-world theory, holographic uuniverse, non-linear time and so on, they feed my belief that the choices I (as a focal point of consciousness in the spacetime perception) make are actually able to change things the way I want them, instead of the way probability would dictate.

[b]b)[/b] have you tried to know your future by asking to a spirit like Astaroth or any other who can fortell the future ? If yes, was the information given accurate ?

Short- and medium-term predictions made to me by spirits I trust have usually been accurate, but back in my “does he LURVE me?” days that was less true, presumably because another person’s free will and choices affected it. Predictions and revelations about other people when I have no attachment to the outcome are usually close to 100%.

I won’t know if the predictions about when I’ll die are going to be accurate until it happens, and I only asked for that because my general psychological stuff meant I’ve lived most of my life thinking it was going to end soon, so removing that feeling was part of healing from stuff and has its own value that’s seperate from any objective “truth” in the age-range given.

[b]c)[/b] on a sidenote, seems that I'm on a lucky streaks about LD, so I'd like to know whether some people here are interested by an experiment.

My recall’s not 100% yet and I have too much already scheduled to be able to give it the commitment it deserves, but look forward to reading about this!

[quote=“The Eye, post:1, topic:3198”]I’ve been lucid again.

Dreamt that I was in a forest and all of a sudden - and I’m still wondering what makes me become lucid - BAM, I’m lucidly aware.

I dont want to stay there, I fear of being sucked in by the dream.

The annoying thing when like me you dont AP/LD at will is that there are so many things you wished to do that it’s hard to pick one. If you know you can AP/LD at will you dont struggle that much to chose something because you know that tonight this will be this and then tomorrow that and so on.

Anyway, I’ve got quite a lots of things to do but eventually I decide to go to a cemetery. Actually, one of the cemeteries I’m working on a regular basis with my vodou practice.

But this time I just dont want to say I want to go there because there’s always that “melting down” things coming and then the swirl and then the new location and it takes too much time and I fear to lose focus and to wake up in my bed again.

So I chose to try a new way of transportation.
I say : “behind me is a mirror”. I turn myself and yep the miror is there.
Then I say : “when I pass through the miror, I will be in “x” cemetery”.

I fear to hit the miror and not pass through (lol) but it works fine and I pass through it feeling like a blobish feeling when doing so.

Then I find myself in the cemetery. It’s night time.

First disappointment : the whole place is deserted. I think I’ve been watching too many living dead movies lol, whereas the place is much more like that :

All right all right I’m cheating. The place was a ton less scary, just told myself it would be hype to put that picture :slight_smile:

Ok seriously, so I’m in the cemetery I know very well as you can imagine, and there’s nobody.

First I walk along the alleys and eventually get bored, so I shout “is there anyone who wish to talk to me ?

I feel something, like a fresh air or something like that so I turn myself and see a hooded figure.

I went to google images again to try to find a pic which suits best and I found this :

The figure stands right before me without saying a word, so I ask

  • who are you ?
  • I am your future, replies the figure
  • why can’t I see your face ?
  • because you can’t see your future, can you ?

I don’t know what to answer, I didnt expect that answer.

  • you know everything about my future ?
  • yes
  • then you’re not a dream character, are you ?

Then the answer is quite odd :

  • maybe, maybe not, replies the hooded figure

I wonder if a DC could answer such a thing. I’m not that experienced in LD to know.

I stand here and I wonder what I have to do now. I’d like to ask for things about me and my future life but I realize that actually I dont wanna know. This is so odd because when I’m in the waking life I always wonder where I will be in couple of years, if I’m gonna be happy, how will I develop as a magician, how will it be to be a Houngan in vaudou etc, and now that I can ask all that I want I dont want to.

Maybe because of that I dont know but I begin to lost sight. I know what it means. The LD/AP is gonna end soon.

I dont try to do anything to keep the thing steady and eventually all becomes dark and I open my eyes in my bed.

It’s been couple of hours than I woke up and I’m still wondering whether I should have asked all that I have in mind when I’m awake.

I wanted to share with you that lucid dream that I had and take it to ask to the Community here the following questions :

a) would you really like to know your future ? Do you think it is wise to know ? Or would it be like “cheating” ? Why or why not would you like to know ?

b) have you tried to know your future by asking to a spirit like Astaroth or any other who can fortell the future ? If yes, was the information given accurate ?

Oh and :

c) on a sidenote, seems that I’m on a lucky streaks about LD, so I’d like to know whether some people here are interested by an experiment. I dont know when I’m gonna be lucid again, it could be tonight or in 1 month because I can’t LD/AP at will for now. But for the next time I get lucid I’d like to have some volunteers if some people are interested (if there’s no one, no worries, I’ve quite a lot of things to do in the astral anyway lol)

Thanks all and have a great day ! :)[/quote]

Interesting experience, I especially recognise the frantic need to do or attempt a lot of things at once and the fear of the dream ending. This does indeed disappear when lucid dreaming becomes less rare. Early on dreamers come to depend on lucid dreams to get a sort of boost and re-confirmation from their LD’s, if they don’t come for a while or after two months you waste one by having a brainless flying session until all the energy is spent… well, I wasn’t too kind with myself at the times that was happening :slight_smile:

You speak about dreaming characters, and funny enough I had a lucid dream this night where I did an experiment that involved them. I’ve always wondered, what happens when you are fully lucid, enter a place with a lot of people like a mall, and float around instead of walking? Last night I finally tried and learned that I practically became invisible to the occupants of the dream, it was like I was outside of their level of reality, much like a spirit is to the untrained individual. My girlfriend and her daughter were in that dream, and as I flew before them they saw me but they did not react to my flying, it simply did not register. Even weirder, they became strangely irritated with me for no reason, as if on some unconscious level they were aware I was transcending something they were not built for.

I haven’t decided what I make of it but thought I might share it. As for your hooded character, I know for a fact dreams are easy to penetrate for some entities (or your HGA/HS for that matter). In fact, some of them are even capable of creating an entire dream, emotions and mood included and draw you in it. So it was not a “normal” dream character (what is normal in this?!) but it certainly is possible that beings in dreams are very conscious and more evolved than us.

About the future, I believe that the moment you know it you consciously but also subconsciously use that information to mutate and evolve it, so basically I feel that it is safe to ask certain things, so long as you feel you can handle the information. Good luck with the dreaming, and take it from someone who has been there, if you relax in the dream they last longer, much longer. Try and control the urge to go all crazy :slight_smile:

It might be hard at first, but once you’ve proven to yourself the benefit of taking it a bit slower the fear will be gone for good.

Did you post about that dream or is it too personal?

I usually don’t play with them much because I consider them an imprint from my daily reality and unconscious, a programming of a sort that I carry with me. For example my girlfriend and her daughter I feel were not truly them in my dream (I do believe shared dreaming is possible though). But sure, I’ve tried some things, the most obvious being sex of course. Generally though I just ignore them, I find them eerily uninteresting (and I say eerily because they are exactly like “real” people so that says a lot about me). Now spirits in dreams, those are interesting, that is when the dream is the staging ground of two realities meeting!

I’ve been into dreaming for quite a few years now, but only lately have I really stepped it up a notch and has it become something that I consider as essential as breathing. I can do it at will these days, but it requires a proper state of mind and intent, which generally means I need to prepare. I’d say 3 times a week when I want to is a nice average, if I see my girlfriend more than just weekends the number dwindles though. Dreaming is quite demanding alas.

I often tell people it is not really a skill, more knowing what to do (and what not when you’re at it) and applying yourself to that like a man fighting for his life. I fear many prefer it to be a skill though :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t read anything by him, might look it up some time. My most impressive lucid dream was one that didn’t end, I had to off myself in the dream to get anywhere. That dream opened many perspectives and doors for me (for until that point I like you was hurried and was always waiting for lucidity to sink into blackness until I woke up).

There are multiple ways to approach the concept. What I do is just lie down and meditate until my body falls asleep, refuse to let my consciousness sleep and program myself in that time to be lucid. When I feel I’m done I just let it all go and go to sleep, not technique nothing. 90% of the time I open my eyes and am in my bed but am dreaming, sometimes I just pop up somewhere randomly. You could call it technique but personally I prefer to view it as cause and effect.

I’ll watch the vid tomorrow, thanks. It is about time I got to sleeping (Europe timezone).

I’ve never used a mirror or an object, but then again the future or scrying has never been that interesting to me. For me it has always been about opening gates and avenues to get to results quicker and more naturally, this is why right now I am using evocation together with dreaming. The idea sounds good though, definitely give it a go, the more times you succeed in dreaming at doing something the easier it becomes, so basically if you stick to the mirror it becomes sort of a power object, waiting for you in dreams. Then you could do fun and potentially powerful experiments like trying to bring the power of the dream mirror into the waking reality. Good stuff this :slight_smile:

[quote=“The Eye”]all right Dani, so you’re IN for the experiment.

I will need a third party who will act as a referee to guarantee the honesty of the experiment.

TWF, if you’re around, would you agree to be that referee ? You are kind of a moral authority here so no one will doubt about the experiment if you confirm it is genuine.[/quote]

Don’t know what you mean by moral authority but I’ll help out. My dream recall is shit, so not sure what kind of help I can be.

What would I need to do?

You didn’t describe any of the key features I look for in an encounter with “something else” in a dream. Namely, they will be engaging your attention in a direct manner. Not just that, it’s that they do it with a skill and efficiency that is very distinctive. Like how many haunting manifestations begin with 3 knocks. The efficiency of using a knock to capture attention is so effective for so little. It’s impressive in skill and execution even when it’s being used against you.

Even if it was real, it’s answers would still be crap. “Maybe, maybe not” is a shit answer no matter where it comes from.

I kind of melt into abstraction, bringing my location to me. Much like how you used a blind spot to create the mirror behind you, only I leave out the intermediary step of creating a portal. I find one thing in the scene that could exist in my desired location, focus on it with tunnel vision which eclipses everything else around me, reframe that focal point in my desired location, and when I pull back my tunnel vision, I’m there. Sometimes it takes a few stops to get to where I want to go. I find concepts of physical distance a hinderance in dreams.

I’ve used the same technique for a sex change. Was shot and had blood running down my leg. Zoom in on the leg blood, reframe it mentally as menstrual blood, and when I zoom back out I’m an ugly woman!

Blind spots are freaking awesome. They can destroy just about anything, and leave creation in their wake.

You used the blind spot behind you in order to create the mirror you used as a portal.

I did the same thing, only instead of wasting time with a portal, I just create my destination directly. In that regard, I’m cutting out a step from what you did.

My excessive description was on how I manipulate my blind spot to encompass the majority of my surroundings in order to easily replace them, but that’s just shifting your attention and can be done in the time it takes to snap your fingers.

I find that a little odd as well, since they are so well matched. I came into the occult from a dreaming background and found the transition fairly seamless. More people knew what I was talking about in occult circles than with my dreaming peers.

I can see how with the attainment of lucidity being so unreliable, it’s not the best choice because it could really slow down your development if all your work hinges on those brief moments of lucidity.

You don’t even need to be lucid, you can you can accomplish just as much with incubation. Is there really a difference between getting lucid and in order to accomplish a dream goal and using incubation to set up the very same thing? As with the example above, is cutting out the step of lucidity like skipping the creation of the portal, where lucidity is the ultimate portal?

All lucidity does is give you the opportunity to choose where to go. What difference is there if you make that choice before you fall asleep? I got to practice my dream control skills not because I’m great at getting lucid, but because I developed an obsessive fixation on the subject.

I say I have poor recall at the moment, but recall is often a choice between committing the dreams to memory and falling back asleep. Supply and demand dictates I choose sleep at the moment. Even still, there’s lots I can do with that.

Most recently I tried something I call Dream Stacking

Basically the goal is to stack the quantum deck in my favor. My goal was for a successful prospecting season, and I did a test run while there was still snow on the ground. My focus was completely on stone and geology, and during that time I ended up getting a job working with stone counter tops. Was not what i was going for, and the job totally sucked, but I think it’s safe to say it had some effect.

Now if it will just stop raining, I can try it in the field.

I don’t even use a blind spot(if I go lucid and want to be somewhere else), I just shout door, and somewhere near my vicinity I will see a flash of light, and a door appear out of nowhere. I always have to go through a small hallway, but then I wind up in another dream location. I haven’t tried getting more specific though.

Some kind of dream experiments would indeed be interesting, since my dream recall is quite good - So i feel like my dreams are trying to tell me something as there is so many of them to remember… Its a shame that i can’t Astral Project or LD thought :Z. I’ve tried few times but i only get to some weird sleeping paralysis kinda state, or then i just wake up after few seconds.