Would you ever rape someone? Debating ethics in love & lust spells

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Thanks but i push myself to do uncomfortable things weather i like or want to. But thanks for your kind concern


what had rape got do with love and lust spells? hellchild crime doesn’t do with magic raping someone only your soul eaten by big demon. this thread need to put to end!

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I am moving a topic that was its own conversational thread with the title:

Controversial Topics including psychic rape

… into this as it already contains a lot of discussion around the ethics of various methods of forcing people to give romantic affection, love, and sex, that they would not otjerwise be interested in.

The topic asking about the mechanics pf psychic rape, referenced in some replies below, can be found here and is NOT a debate thread:

Members, please Mute one of both topics using the controls beneath the latest reply, if you find the title distressing and would prefer not to see it in the index.

So last night I posted a topic on psychic rape and how to do as this forum promotes the ideology of being a god.

Despite all the cursing and getting my ex topics back and the idea of being beholden to no one I got a pretty severe backlash and then the topic was deleted. Clearly I hit a sore spot for some people.

In an effort to promote discussion clearly the forum seems to promote forcing their will on someone in the milliad of getting your ex back. And the behold my power topics. How is forcing your ex back or forcing them to be raped as a result of curse you inflicted any different from the topic I posted. Is it merely the word rape that triggers some people? I had a slew of people attacking my post history, asking for me to be banned etc.

I do still feel like I’m going to pursue how to do this as part of my magical journey. If I’m a God why should I be beholden to anyone that disagrees with the fact that I want to practice psychic rape. Gods have raped many things.

This time I’m trying to promote healthy discussion so hopefully won’t cause such a shitstorm.

So what constitutes a controversial topic?

How is the myriad of getting my ex back or I cursed someone to raped any different from a topic asking how to perform psychic rape? Does this forum simply think that oh it’s ok to force our will on to somewhat as long as we don’t use the word rape.

And why should I care (with the exception of the forum rules limiting my rules) I’m a God so why should I care what the people in a forum think of me especially as a result of free speech which (incidentally I don’t have in my country)? And yes I am aware that this is the internet so the doctrine of free speech does not apply in the same way it does off the internet here.

Does this forum actually practice you are your own God in that you can do what you wish (subject to the forum rules of course) or is this simply a marketing ploy especially in light of the fact I created such controversy with a single phrase.

@Lady_Eva Feel free to delete this again if this causes such a massive shitstorm

Edit: Editing this so that it removes the hidden content and that people who want to comment on this can do so.


It wasn’t deleted it was just moved for review. It should be put back. However, while many do not advocate rape or killing in their own subjective morality, some did post ways it was done/could be done.
Besides that point, yes this forum does promote freedom to do what you want, but even then there’s always going to be a touch of morality involved no matter who acts like they don’t input it. It’s simply a moral bias that they would rather advocate it to happen to others but when it is turned on them or someone they care about then their moral low shifts to an all time high. Many use being a “black magician” as to why they are less moral based but that’s honestly some tryhard hogwash to me.


Ahh cool good to know. Didn’t mean to cause such controversy.

Sure you are your own God. What resulted was you initiated a conversation. As a result you got a backlash. That is just accountability. Actions have consequences. Nobody is stopping you of course but many despise your actions because they are cowardly and abusive. Cause and effect. Be accountable. You chose to bring up the subject, you chose to get this result by initiating the conversation. Even Gods had consequences to their actions.


How is any different from forcing your will on someone or cursing someone to be raped by way of a curse?

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Depends on who you ask. Personally I view invading someone’s mind/body as worse than putting a little bit of bad luck on them just because abusing ones power with no other intent than personal gain is often only destructive. It is subjective.

It was more based on what you meant by psychic rape and the need for clarification so we could understand what you meant and not what some kept trying to say what you meant as the term “psychic rape” some like to alter the definition while others followed the usual text.

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If I’d known that it required clarification I would have stayed up to provide some but I thought the words were pretty self explanatory

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However, while I personally view the do as you will. I don’t think it should be chalked up to “being a god and doing what you want” because even Gods get their ass kicked from time to time. Most here follow a christianized mentality of “yeah ima be a god and Omnipresent omnipotent etc” the way I view becoming a living god is being a metaphorical god of your life and not being controlled by someone else.

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No worries, I understand, that was the main thing that was going on was clarification on what you meant by it. Yeah we figured you meant that but some were assuming you meant something else which I thought was kind of self explanatory. However I did give a means of how the cases I’ve seen done it.

It’s still not self explanatory to me.
Would you mind clarifying it now please?

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If you go to the author/partner section of the BALG site, you’ll find a specific statement that: We Are Looking For Radicals.

He says it a few times further up

And here.