Would this be possible?

Through evocation, would it be possible to SIGNIFICANTLY change one’s appearance? I’m talking things beyond the realm of plastic surgery.

My logical brain tells me no. When I say significantly, I mean (for example) COMPLETELY change the way you look. Different facial features, body type, everything. Here is a more detailed example: I am not fond of my somewhat broad shoulders. Obviously, there is no surgery to change the width of a human’s shoulders, so if I evoked an entity, they couldn’t manifest my desire through money for plastic surgery.

Please keep in min this is just a question. Hope I don’t sound incredibly naive simply asking… but I would like to hear all of your opinions here on BALG.

I would say it is possible, not isn’t… of course that depends upon if one is Evoking an “outside” energy (which allows changes, vs much mental-suggestions that only result in motivation), but even purely mental

  • you mention changes in plastic surgery… there was the phenom of people having phy-surgery to look significantly different and not being able to accept their new appearance in the mirror, that started the work (published in Psycho-cybernetics), which lead to discoveries of starting with that “mental” change, and seeing autonomic changes then occur over time. (just one lead)

In modern hypnosis- there was medical studies that measured (as I recall reading, actual ex, though I don’t have a source reference) purely hypnotic induction with suggestions made and stat-sig changes in the size of breasts, without other changes.

Also used to change other phy-aspects <usually more crude- but the tricky part is getting an image/verbalizing and/or the body-image/“homonculus” (psych-terms vs alchem-terms)…

And I realize your question was the use of magickal affects; actually the above ex not having to do with (although many try and Phrase NLP/Suggestopedia type techs as if they were magic- like pretend a vision of something and ask it to help (which is really just “talking to yourself- in a tranced state” thus self-hypno… which would be why the main affects believed are motivation- so in the same way if you seek a new Money-Earning Opportunity, you should be “steered” into its path and Else is “steered” to meet up- so that Meeting is created… vs the often phrased "get out there and look, and maybe the “Evokation” will help something, but you still need to trying new things"
like if you had a personal assistant or agent that has your Itinerary/your sched, and you tell them to have a person meet up with you… you’d stick to the sched and expect to see that person at some pt (if that asst/agent was finding a ‘slot’ in your sched, if you did different things- you’d miss them)/ anyway that kind of thing seems to really confuse things. -so the above ex (two types)… if the type of magick where actual changes occur- I’d say either have the Evoked act upon you directly (you standing during the evoking, or they return later to act on your phy or mind or “pattern”), or perhaps you connect with them (in the same way that not only Knowledge, but the energies, of Entities saturate a Place as well as a person’s cells… some systems even have particular ways that practitioners shift in appearance as a result of the focus upon certain types of Entities worked with (vs more varied types, or vs more distant-contact).

So mainly above I write in regards to hints to show possibilities in type- in application the question of approach

(although it seems the most direct would be the Etheric body/pattern reshaping approach)? [changes in tint and texture of skin, as well as bone shape, I’d seen one focused on leg bone length (one shin was shorter than the other- then wasn’t)… as well as body-constitution/overall shape in another case
[time and degree of change seemingly related to skill and vibrancy of this “body of light- repatterning” as well as perhaps metabolism- seen in terms of nails/hair growth… this being a subject with steps, and not just being think it- but at a deeper lvl of being, so depends if one has learned that… I’d say actually it is similar to a change is the sense of “who one is”- Evoking can be used to change one’s to the mindset of a person who near-expert in something not known- directly (vs indirectly from learning the skills and then banging around until you “FeelIt”… once you see things as an expert, you can further refine and learn, but its a different thing… in the way of Character/ in the same way, changing the pattern that guides the physical-cells (indirectly that would not “take” and have to be rechanged and it would be gradual… in Direct, the change is made and the New is now the “always has been” from the cells pt of view… anyway- not sure if that were you were asking about- luck to you