Would this be a possible curse?

So my idea is to not just cause insomnia but to make it so they get zero sleep straight until they go mad and even then they can’t fall asleep despite sleep meditations

Not a minute of sleep despite anything they try up until they take there own life or something

Would this be possible and if so I wonder what demon I’d call for that?

If not I know a demon that can cause insomnia so either way I’d get either the results I would want or similar

But by all logical aspects of biology idk how this would be possible to make someone’s body successfully elude the need for sleep until there brain deteriorates and they go mad

Interesting concept though hm?

There’s actually a disease that does that for real except it’s genetic (and it doesn’t merely end in madness but it kills it’s victims). FFI
Aka fatal familial insomnia. So just letting you know that if you don’t want the cursed person to die you may not wanna curse them not to sleep.

Here’s a link that talks about it if your curiousity has been aroused.

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There are worse things you could do (if you hate someone). And now after thinking and writing that a song from the movie grease popped into my head. You probably know the one I’m referring to.

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I wonder though since I know you can call demons to cause disease can you call a demon to cause a genetic disorder (that one you told me about specifically) and it would shift in this persons dna therefor infecting the rest of the blood line, so I’d suppose it would be an effective blood line curse if anything


Since it’s so rare there’s only 2 (maybe 3?) known families with FFI who’s to say it hasn’t already been done before.

Add: anyhow, I think I’ll leave baneful to others for now

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I’m sure the right spirit could figure it out :slightly_smiling_face: