Would meditation help in magic

So lets say a book like demons of magick or lucifer and the hidden demons doesn’t work.

Will being good at meditation help them work?

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In my opinion, it would depend on what kind of technique is used, because meditation encompasses a lot of different things.

There is no-mind meditation, one pointed focus, void meditation, object concentration, mantra concentration…

The visionary magick technique used in Lucifer and the Hidden Demons could probably be helped by object concentration.

Demons of Magick would probably be helped by one pointed focus.


Being good at meditation can help every aspect of your life. Definitely.


@DarkestKnight makes an a good point. There are many different forms of meditation and some will work better for magic than others. being good at different forms of meditation can be very helpful for different types of magic, as well as improving other aspects of life


Meditating can help put the mind in a calming state and void or clutter before the work.


Yes it will. Some say it isn’t necessary but Almost everything will require you to be in a state of gnosis or a trance like state, especially evocation. It is here where you will best be able to punch holes in and manipulate reality. It’s easy enough to find out how on the internet.


I agree with benefits of meditation but I’ve always hated it , found it boring and draining personally , yet my focus and visualisation is very good , maybe as an only child I naturally learnt how to talk and convey feelings to my imaginary friends which helps me with spirit communication , so I wouldn’t say it’s necessary for Magick . However many who believe in it have some valid points as well , overall it depends on an individual journey!