Would Lucifer appreciate this?

I plan to contact Lucifer today for the first time
I unfortunately don’t have much in the way of offerings but I spent a little time writing a poem (though i’m no poet)
I will have candles for him, but that’s all else I can currently muster due to being broke af
I plan to ask him to teach me about himself and to help me with my astral senses.
Do you think this poem will be enough for him? What should i do with the paper after the invocation? Thanks for your advice :heart:

Are you a man
or something more?
A vision of their blindness
or an icon to implore?
A star from heaven fallen
or a beacon to adore?

From gilded wing to licking flame
A prideful stalwart none could tame
this is how the sheep would frame
and attempt to sully your apt name
which in me stirs all the same

Though unenlightened I may be
I come before you with wish to see
with eyes unbiased by false decree
with heart unbound by their debris
the true face of your regency

Lucifer, I call to thee!

edit: decided to postpone the ritual to give myself time to prepare properly


yes he would love it because you took the time to make it for him and it would honor him. as for what to do with it after I would say keep it.


Wow… It’s a beautifull poem i must say…
No kidding… You must be spent alot of time to create such amazing chain of words. So cool…

I will frame it and hang it on the wall for save keeping. But fot offering, i will rewrite it on parchment papper with red ink that i mixed with one or two drops of my own blood and after i recite it for him, i will burn it in the black candle i used to evoke him.

But it’s just me, you know, you can do whatever you see fit for your own ritual…

Keep writing! U are tallented !!!


aww thank you! :heart: :smiley:

@anon27714670 I feel the dark power within this poem and it is great. Its almost as if Lucifer Himself is flowing trough those words. It is as if you were inspired by His grace!

It is a summoning spell on its own. I feel as if you could very well use this poem while performing an evocation! He is going to much appreciate this! I can even smell the perfume of the darkness within this writing. It is a very positive and appreciative energy.
Sweet and minty odor is given off these words with a drop of rose vapor.
I can see you have a great connection to Him! Congratulations dark one! May the void bless you and take you within its loving arms and strengthen you into your ascension to godhood!

Edit: Great and mighty Brother Lucifer is on your side with your ascension!

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