Would it matter how I ask an unwanted spirit to leave?

There was a spirit’s energy that I didn’t like and it just came to me without me asking for it. I see it in sleep paralysis. It pissed me off so much that i woke up so pissed, I started cursing - calling the spirit a 'btch and a lonely slt, unwanted garbage", etc, like the basic human I am. Anything to show that I don’t want that piece of sht in my home. Would this annoy the spirit and make em f*ck with me even more? Would I be required to say please to this spirit?

Eh. I told one to get out two days ago, thst hadn’t been invited and woke me up. If it’s not invited and doesn’t have a reason to be there or bother to identify itself, I don’t bother showing respect back. Granted, that’s the first time I’ve had it happen since I began practicing magic. Prior to practicing I convinced myself it was nightmares or I was crazy and would be to scared to do anything.

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