Would it be ethical

To secretly use magick to improve a restaurant that you work in but do not own?

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Only your personal ethics matters when it comes to using magick.

If you think it is ethical, then it is ethical. Period.


This is how the ethical breakdown works:

  1. They own the establishment. It is a platform…a tool with their rights of ownership on it.
  2. You work for them meaning for a small fee (your services and cooperation) you are allowed to work there.
  3. Any improvements you make through magick meaning its extra just make sure its tailored to benefit you first and foremost…unless in contract:
  4. The Owner/Manager/Outside Party is working doing the magick too where it is a group effort meaning you now have to give and take some, to make certain compromises.
  5. Magickally, it is in fact very important who starts the project first as in lays the Foundation of Intent for all other proceeds.
  6. Depends if you are FOH or BOH?

As @DarkestKnight said:

You can always use magick to improve life around you as well as other peoples lifes if you so desire. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed! But I would highly advice you to stay away from the trap of hedonism which can lead to your destruction.

I’ll give you an example like the one you posted today:

When I was a teenager, I remember that I did a money spell for my family because I wanted them to buy something for me. On this case, it brought benefit to my family and myself in the process.

Anyways, it is your ethics that decide your life. You decide what to do. If you felt drawn to the decision of using magick to improve someone else’s business it must be for a reason.

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