Would Black Magick Truly Be Good for Humanity?

The occult is gaining mass popularity and has been for many years. The ball is only further accelerating. Black magick seems to be at the forefront of many movements along with “Influencers” such as authors and internet figures.

The nature of black magick is essentially to transmute, to take one form of substance and create another through destruction of its previous form. It can be used to enlighten and discover, as well as manipulate, destroy and conquer. This seems to attract many well-meaning enlightenment seekers and curious minds, while also many sociopathic minds and would-be criminals searching for methods of getting away with overt manipulation, exploitation and crime. (Also many “death god wannabes” who rave on about Social Darwinism and anarchy. lol)

As Polaric as this power can be, with all its lessons and benefits as well as trials, would a world ruled by black magick truly be ideal? This would seemingly be a world with no true boundaries. This could mean a world where every petty dispute and selfish goal achieved at the cost of others would be fought with vibration. And no one can truly hide from energy. On the other hand, this world could see incredible amounts of scientific advancement and understanding, mental and physical.

Humans are creatures that need balance, boundaries, philosophy, and and some order to function properly. (Healthily) They can be reduce into psychosis if not balanced between the many forms of experience. Would humanity even be able to prosper in a world where vibration is being weaponized and exploited from every angle.


Depends if you see cultures were black magik is used every day u will see a contraste huge difference.and it be nice to get rid of people’s,but at the same time someone will be more powerful tat you,or us so it’s balance

Humanity? Maybe. Society? Hell no.

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its coming.
or already has been in place on this earth in form of ancient traditions that are only revealed to the very few.

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Knowledge, virtue, and utility to be one with the innate nature of good. Knowledge is a condition of knowing; virtue a condition of being; utility a condition of doing. Considering wisdom as synonymous with mental completeness, it is evident that such a state can exist only in the Whole, for that which is less than the Whole cannot possess the fullness of the All. No part of creation is complete; hence each part is imperfect to the extent that it falls short of entirety. Where incompleteness is, it also follows that ignorance must be coexistent; for every part, while capable of knowing its own Self, cannot become aware of the Self in the other parts. Philosophically considered, growth from the standpoint of human evolution is a process proceeding from heterogeneity to homogeneity. In time, therefore, the isolated consciousness of the individual fragments is reunited to become the complete consciousness of the Whole. Then, and then only, is the condition of all-knowing an absolute reality.

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I’m giving reply to the title, I didn’t read the content.

First, What is Black Magic?
Understand that and you have your answer. Because many have confused dirty and trash magic as black Magic.


That’s a good way of putting it. I’m curious as to what you consider black magic. What’s your insight on that specific jargon?

Don’t forget that not everyone ends up with enough power to make big changes in his/her own life let alone causing all those troubles you mentioned so it’s not like it’ll be the end of days if everyone had access to magick as today there are many practitioners of magick all around the world and we’re all just fine

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It already exists in the demoni realms… all powers of all kinds , unorganised chaos some may say.

Always has to be authority and one more powerful though

What makes u think it isn’t run already by black magick? You think the ones in power who keep it aren’t privy to it’s secrets, techniques? They use versions of it in manufacturing a world wide network where u can cherry pick your own fantasy reality and never know the truth. We have devices that can summon people, entertainment, wherever ur are and whatever u are doing (cell phones) . The real black magick is in the dissemination of information which is already charged with intent, and if u happen to be part of the dumbest nation on earth, u’ve the joy of seeing how faulty or incomplete data can cause people to war, without anyone seeing it’s designed.

Think about it. If I were elite, and black magick was employed to get there, WHY , just why would u share what got u there? That’s like having the biggest nuke, and sharing the design with an opposing nation. The elites hold themselves to be mentally, genetically superior, and because black magick does offer power, let the masses sort out for themselves what is effective…No one has the true keys or they wouldn’t waste time on a forum on such subjects, they’d be busy buying another nation or some shit us plebs can’t imagine. And again, design what data people have access to, and restrict it by either making the subject too broad or the focus too narrow…Social engineering IS black magick. You are working on the level of the mind , perception and altering the mass perspective.

Someone seems too empowering to individuals, by them off. Every human has a price. This is a world governed by it. Only u have to strip away the ideals of liberation from it to see the tool is in use everywhere. It’s not constrained to rituals in ones basement or attic, but extends into technology, consumerism, economics, interactions with other nations, corporations…etc…and it’s used so cleverly, none would realize it because they may have a set of associations with it that may be too narrow.

We’re in the world ruled by it…the elite are quite smart in certain matters. This is not a praise to them either, rather a statement as to why they can keep what they have and extend their influence. One more thing to note, before the reader beleive rituals by them are wealthy people in a grove or some bs…The rituals involve real happen stance events…such as some leader gets assassinated. That leader becomes a symbol, and the assassination the manipulation of that symbol to bring forth a greater aim, achieve a greater goal…

So rather than symbols and tools, they have real world influenced events, and humans to manipulate for their sorceries…Arguably, we are already several steps behind them in terms of advancement, and capacity to advance…


There’s no such thing as black magick. Black magick is literally just part of a narrow minded system based on what people associate their morality or lack of morality with.

All in all it has no real good or bad for humanity. Since it doesn’t really have such a objective place.

The magick demons practice isn’t “black magick” it’s simple energy work that uses their own dark energy element. Humanity just links it to “black magick” because they associate demons with LHP which is associated with doing whatever you want without some moral fear


Yes and no. Magick grants people the power over their own destiny. However not everyone can or should use it. I’m a believer in the old rule “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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I doubt it’d differ to how things are. Even collectives of woke persons as they call it these days, would still be governed by those controlling resources, supplies…Most persons working with such an understanding won’t achieve significant results, and the few who excel will…it’d be the same as things are now.

Society does fully realize and use it, such is called marketing, advertising, public relations, media…Those who make money understand the ideas and principles of the occult already…its why they are successful.

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It can be used to enlighten and discover, as well as manipulate, destroy and conquer.

I’m one to believe that all magic is gray, considering that both “black” and “white” magic can have both good and bad consequences.

Magic, to me, is what someone does (whether it be through action or words) to create change, and influence. Anyone can do that.

Simply put, there is no winning!

Whether either one or the other were to dominate, the results for humanity would still stay the same. There are people that will abuse it, and those who use it for good - which is why I quoted that there sentence.

What truly matters is someone’s character, not whether “black” or “white” magic is better off without the other. What we should really be frightened of, is humanity itself.

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The realm of magick behind the scenes is technology, technology probably used by military, private industries. Sort of like using artifacts from accidents to cause certain effects, using certain devices to cause someone’s home to have active poltergiest activity, tapping real world events as symbols to fuel one’s apotheosis or other ends. Its plenty popular in a more realistic sense and a fantasy sense. It’s popular enough where u can buy books at any bookstore.

We’re at a point where what individual sorcerors (i like the word sorcery better) have done for millenia, we are learning we can do with technology, if that tech is utilized by applying the principles of sorcery. Neither you or I will really see that tech or devices, but they are there behind the scenes. It may be seen in war if we get there, but it will be kept hush…

Hasn’t anyone ever noticed how much a sigil of an entity looks like an electrical circuit?? The occult already has momentum, but what separates magick we learn in books from that a billionaire can employ is technology which can amplify the effects beyond what many could imagine…its not a level playing field between a practitioner of modest means and one of insane status and money; it never will be. We are there already, it just a question of needs to know with the information. I don’t see a more technological system be put out there, i imagine the military industrial complex will keep a lid on it.

In theory (disclaimer)

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