Would belial accept me if I just wanted to attract women?

From what I’ve read, belial seems to be a power house of sex appeal and masculine energy and power. I want some of that. I know he can be harsh to those who work with him. But I just wanna know if wanting that power and sex appeal is enough to him.

My advice would be to approach him and discuss a deal eg. A pact aimed at addressing your own flaws and attracting the women of your choice. We can offer support, based off our own experience, and my experience of Belial would work well with said magic, but the most useful tool for you is an evocation.
Personally, I’ve found zepar to be a great spirit to work with. Combine him with the baphomet and you’ve got a winning formula
Belial isn’t harsh, he just expects you to do well and pushes you to fullfil your potential. I don’t work much with him these days, but thinking back, his occasionally “cruelness” always turned out to be beneficial to me in the long run. Same goes for most spirits worth learning from, really


How do pacts usually work? I can’t seem to figure out what to give in return

I know i have somthing about doing pacts scribbled down somewhere. I will go through my things tomorrow and get back to you on that question.

There are better idea of base chakra snakes you can work with and not have to deal with his shit too. I can give you more info if are interested in learning how to work with this entities.

Can I horn in on this action as well and be copied in this PM? :slightly_smiling_face:

That’d be great! Thanks for the help!

If you search through the old threads, you’ll find alot of topics discussing this

Honestly, I don’t see why Sitri couldn’t do the same thing for you. He is much better suited for issues like this than Belial is

I charged a pendant with Belials energy and was a nonstop sexual powerhouse for a solid 2 weeks lol


How would you go about charging it with their energy? Do you have to ask them to charge it?

I did an invocation with a blood offering, asking for him to charge it with his energy

Look towards Asmodeus or Ishtar/Astaroth, Belial obviously works with Lust, and can still help you with your desires… I’ve recently had some really good lust dreams that may be from his dominion. I agree, he can still be harsh, depending on your hearts guilt, judging sins that may have weighed you down… I think he was sure to remind me of mine… yet move on free with guilt and other spirits may move forward with you.