Would BALG consider a physical gathering of fellow practitioners?

Hello all,

I have been feeling the ripples in this current, and there is a sense of many minds wanting to further connect. I know that BALG offers personal consultations by phone or Skype, and also a boot-camp, and those are things to definitely look into. I was also curious to see if there are dreams or plans of creating an opportunity for people to live in closer proximity, even if it means relocating, to be able to study, practice and work together regularly? I know that the LHP and ascent to Godhood is largely a personal endeavor, yet there could be much interest and value in putting our intent and power together for common purposes and experiments. I know that EA and BALG likely have their core group of people they practice with or study together with, yet I wonder if the circle could ever expand? Or have circles within circles? Have the core of BALG, and then as people begin gathering geographically closer, there are opportunities to work with more people in person? I get that everyone has their personal lives, families and jobs to consider, but I keep having the thought that the people coming together would take the initiative to do work and check in, test things and see results…As I was studying the Mastering Black Magick course, there was a mention of people on this path together (even though it is often solitary) … and of course that can mean each person doing their own practice… yet it also feels like there is a spiritual call to brethren everywhere who resonate with this current; those who want to continue working to shed their limitations and stifling previous indoctrination…people who are fully committed to developing themselves on all levels. Each person could share their unique strengths and contribute to the whole… I keep feeling that black magicians everywhere are willing to come further out of the woodwork, and answer the call. It is a soul call to ascend, to share ideas, to grow and help others grow.

What are your thoughts on this?

-Darcy (aka Darsinda on this forum)

I think relocating would be a bit difficult for many, but I do not see why there could not be meet ups to attend, in various locations, so people can connect more.

I like this idea. It wasn’t something that I ever thought about until now, and the idea is making my stomach flutter. Us in a giant house, reading and practicing rituals with one another. Ahh…

But, I doubt it will happen. Big ideas require big money and a certain amount of commitment from all involved.

If anything like this did happen, I would be wholly on board.

It could start as a weekend meet in a centralized location. Go over ideas for what we would like to accomplish as a group and then each party go home and get things set up to do so til the next one. Stay in contact until then and even have a group video chat when we are not together. Hell we could even do video chat rituals lol.

MeetUp.com is a way for likeminded people to come together. They don’t currently have a BALG group in my area. But I’d be interested in, at least, checking it out should one develop.

Most of the occult groups around here are too watered down or misguided for my taste.

I think that every weekend is too soon for a long commute. We’d probably have to do it monthly. But, I like the Skype call idea.

My apologies I should have clarified this more.

I don’t think any of us could do an every weekend thing. I most certainly couldn’t. I was thinking more like a once to twice a year in person meetup but video chat could happen once to twice a month.

Some of us live a great deal apart so traveling that much would not be feesable (sp?).

I love hearing all your thoughts on this. The idea excites me. I am curious if people would need permission from BALG to start a meetup? I mean, I understand that people can start a group with like minded black magicians or any metaphysically oriented group, but those of us who specifically are interested in anything BALG related, will we need to get permission to use the term to find others who would know what that is? If we could indeed fly under the banner of BALG in a meetup group, I think it prudent to make it clear that we are not intending to infringe, nor represent BALG, but that we are simply people interested in working through coursework, books, ideas, hands-on practice etc.

That being said, it would be EPIC if some people wanted to rent a huge house, or several houses in the same city… can you image a horde of us descending upon a city to live, share ideas and insights, practice and challenge each-other? Yes… maybe one day something like that shall indeed be realized. I believe it can happen.

I love the idea of Skyping with folks as well, and meeting in a centralized location. Doing ritual together intrigues me. Thank you guys for the good ideas and input!

Lets keep pondering this, and see what we may come up with…

Why not conjure a demon or do magick to get the process started?

I love the idea, it is something i’d thought about several times, im always in a constant search of ppl or places i can go to to learn and talk about magick in my area, unfortunally is not that easy.

All esoteric schools i know around here are white lodges, i am working a lot lately in the development of my bussiness, so i can do what i have to do to go to USA, and pay that boot-camp with EA, which i know will be awsome, hopefully by the time i do that, this idea gets to actions so i can meet you guys there :).

Well, I don’t think it would be too difficult to set up the Skype group though. We could do that anyway and just hang out.

What kind of business is it?

I feel you guys… I live in the middle of nowhere desert surrounded by a very Mormon family sooooo yeah…

We live in such a beautiful age of technology I don’t see why we shouldn’t start a skype group or some form of such. Maybe even talk BALG into having a video chat feature here one day.

From there we can plan having meetups and such.

An Spanish/English interpreting company.

I am the least protective of my secrecy, and someone has to be first. So, if anyone is interested my Skype Account is ashtkerr6.

So I also posted in the Q&A with EA section asking if people need permission to start BALG groups or use that particular term so people would be able to distinguish it from other metaphysical, occult or magickal groups, as this is a more specific interest.

I live near Salem, Oregon, if anyone on here is in this area. I could do weekly physical meetups in the Salem, Eugene or greater Portland area…and I will travel anywhere in Oregon for once a month meetings if you are further. I would indeed consider packing my stuff and relocating if there was serious interest in people wanting to congregate longer term geographically, or if EA ever gave the opportunity for a formal BALG mass meeting in Utah (or anywhere else)… count me in.

I live in Northern Canada, so anywhere in the U.S. would be a trek for me.

Im in the middle of nowhere Arizona but could possible travel to surrounding states once to twice a year for a meetup.

That said, I’m going to shut off my computer, do a meditation, and go to sleep. It’s late here.

Oh my ashtkerr yes yes it would.

But… that doesn’t have to be right away… think of it as a mini vacation down the road. Details can be worked out later.