Would Azazel help in homosexual love relationship?

Venus would work, but since the thread is asking about a demon, I was thinking of Sallos, Sitri, or Fro’ghla’tasch, who is one of Azazel’s Nethers from the Book of Azazel.

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I think he doesn’t care either. I think it are the churches/humans that put in the dogma. Rape is another thing.

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ok i will be understanding "Sallos, Sitri, or Fro’ghla’tasch, "

i honestly want to know who i should contact and who is the most strongest to help

Well you have Seere for love too. Please look into these names with our search option. There is many info on who you would ask for love for example (Seere, Sallos) or focus more on Lust (Dantalion, Sitri, Lilith can do both, Azazel).

Then look into steps of evocation including Sigil gazing.

Then work on yourself to change that universal law with the spirit. Do the evocation (read banashing too). Look into my journal to learn more.

Then don’t urge for results but think it will happen. Trust yourself, trust your spirit. It can take a while for things to change.


i have another post i made about Azazel thank you for the infomation


Thank you all for helping I have learned what I needed and apparently he can help