Would anyone want to trade readings with me? (Or any type of divining)


Hey there!

I’m offering a tarot reading for a divinatory reading for myself.
I can read for myself, and I do often, but I like to get an outside perspective every once in a while as I sometimes over analyze when reading for myself.

I have done successful readings for people on the board before so I wont let you down!

Feel free to post here or message me.

I only need one reading, but I’m willing to exchange 3 with 3 different people. :slight_smile:

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If you still have a place open, I would like one too.

I will message you!

Oh im not really giving places, just exchanging. If you have a method of divination, I will exchange for a tarot reading. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s why I meant. I do tarot too.

perfection! I will message you :slight_smile:

I could read the runes, tarot (I know several spreads), or I could do ovimancy (egg reading). I’m down for sure.


egg reading!!?

I shall pm you sir

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All the slots have been taken! <3

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I got next!!! Lol

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Aw man, I’m late!

I do divination by playing cards, scrying and dreamscaping as well :slight_smile:

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This has been reopened if anyone wants to do trades again!

I’m interested in trades!

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ill trade as well. need an outside perspective.

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I just did one for Saturnskin, you want to trade with me?


I just PMed you.

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AndEternity gave me an excellent reading! Even though some of it pertains to the future, it seems to be high accuracy.

Very nice!

he is pretty accurate actually. i like his method.

Anyone else before I go to bed? lol