Would an evoked spirit cause harm to one residing within residence?

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I have recently moved into my grandmother’s house who had passed away a year ago. After her death there have been instances of her showing her presence within the house. I am fearful to practice especially evoking because I am concerned something could come through and harm my grandmother’s spirit. Could this actually happen?

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It is unlikely, but you can always create a ward to prevent it. Plus, it is your grandmother’s house, so be nice and ask her permission before evoking anything. She might be able to help to make sure you only get what you are calling. Another option is to anchor her by building a small ancestor altar with some personal effects.


Darkwsnight, a quick qestion i have to do a break up spell but it say outside to do. Bcse u will saying in ritual bring hell to tis place in a circle of salt, if do in my apt whit circle will it affect me,?

I should definitely ask. You’re right. And I will. But I wonder how you talk to a spirit already there? I have a candle shaped into a person made with her name carved into it… would it be enough to light this candle while verbally callIng out to her to grab her attention and interact with me? I would think pendulum use would be ideal here in my case. That is the only “yes “or “no” sort of divination tool I have… unless there is another way to get answers from a spirit. (Forgive me I am still novice.)

I think that would be a sweet sentiment to do for her. I have her eye glasses, a stuffed bunny I bought her to hold as she was passing, and i can place a picture of her. Along with a white candle. I think I’ve read you can also offer them water to drink as well.

But yes, that is all a first before evoking anything. Her house is still very much her grounds.

Now I need to look up warding.


Both of those are valid options. You could simply light the candle with her name and talk out loud to her. When people commune with their ancestors, that is usually what they do because it is assumed the ancestors are always listening. You may not hear a reply, but she will hear you, and can give a sign.

If you think you might feel silly talking out loud to something that may or may not be there, the pendulum is a good alternative for a solid response.

I really like that. The stuffed bunny is a lovely touch.


Yes, there is a possibility of it affecting you.

I’m comfortable with speaking out loud to her. No worries there. She’s just going to have to get herself comfortable hearing a lengthy speech of what’s been going on lately with family. Poor grandma… lol.

I do appreciate you so much helping me @DarkestKnight on both of my topics. I have another question though, if you could answer when you have a moment. I have an altar set up in my bedroom already for the deities I follow. And I wanted to make my grandmother’s altar in my bedroom too. Do you feel it is okay to have them in the same room?


I would ask if the deities are okay with it out of respect, but I don’t see a problem. If your grandma has no issues with them in her house, I don’t think they will have a problem with her.

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Thanks so much.


Long answer: bind the being you intend on summoning in a contract that makes them leave the other spirits within the home, around the home, and on the property the home is on be, unless you explicitly ask said demon to interfere in on a certain situation.

If you can, try investing in a cheap pack of playing cards and learn how to read with those, or you can buy note cards (or cut up notebook/printer paper) and write the tarot cards with key words on them as a starter deck to learning how to read the tarot. I know biddy tarot has great resources on her website and YouTube channel if you’re interested.