Would a Spirit or Demon get offended if I used another to further the work they have done?

I have worked with Andromalius and he has been amazing in his results and I am eternally grateful.

I would like to use another Demon I work with to finish off the job in a less ‘moral’ way than Andromalius.

I do not however want to offend Andromalius by doing so,or undo any of the good work he has done.

This made me wonder if any Demon would be offended if I used another to further my results?. Or is this just a human emotion and Demons do not get offended in this way?


No, he should not be offended.

That is essentially what is done in a layered spell. You call different spirits to work on different aspects of the same goal.

For example, say your goal is to get the boy/girl/anteater of your dreams. You call Dantalion to create love in the target. You then call Sallos to turn that love towards the lusty side. You evoke Venus to increase your own attractiveness and beauty, and finally, you call Sitri to bring it all together.

Now, that is an awful example of a layered spell, but you can see the point. There should be no problem with evoking another spirit to build on the work of Andromalius and bring home your objective. It’s actually a smart way to go about things as sometimes a single spirit is not enough to bring the goal over the top and into manifestation.


Provided you are respectful, I don’t think he’d be upset. That being said, some Spirits can be upset when this is done. I doubt the Goetia form part of that category though.


If you are really worried about it, you can always call Andromalius, and ask him directly. As long as you are respectful and appreciative of his work, I don’t see any problems though.


Thank you. I have asked and I rarely ever hear spirits besides Lucifer,so silence.I feel energy though. I do pre spell divination so no worries shown there. I would not like to offend Andromalius, he is helpful and moral.

The guy was Jailed because of Andromalius and I am eternally grateful. I would like him to suffer for his time in jail so all of the suffering he put me and another Woman through. Hence, why I plan on evoking Marbas and Lucifer to do a final kick in the nuts.

Thank you all for your kind answers.


Yeah, Andromalius is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Good luck! May Lucifer and Marbas finally teach him what he needs to learn :wink:


Thanks. I hope so. He won’t learn… He is just going to carry on when he gets out with a new Woman who fits my physical type or me again. Stalking and harassing Women is a life pattern for him. Any more in future and I will devour all of EA s material and send Dra talon. :slight_smile: Thanks :heart:


Lady Lilith would take pleasure in teaching an asshole like him a lesson.


I bet she would. I would love to build a relationship with her. I think I will in the new year. x


I recommend that you do. She has been sadly Demonized by modern religon but there’s so much more to her (and she’ll punish anyone who harrases one of her followers).


I will , when I fully research everything she likes and does not like. I do not want to offend her with an offering she dislikes. I want to be prepared fully.

I think Lady Lilith would hate this person. He appears to be everything she hates


I like to offer her flowers in Darker Shades. It seems to compliment her well.


Lady Lilith is lovely.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think people worry too much about offerings. I never give offerings when I evoke, and I have had no problems.

When I evoked Lilith, she wasn’t offended that I gave no offering. After our conversation, before she left, she simply asked for a glass of red wine next time, which I was happy to give her. She is one of the few spirits I have given offerings too, as a sign of respect and friendship (Azazel, Belial, and King Paimon are the others). Each was done for personal reasons, and not as a “tit for tat” kind of thing.


Thanks. I think I will. I need to start this new year with a new start and heal from the stresses of the above and move on spiritually and emotionally.

I admire Lilith and would love to get to know her