Would a glass mirror work for scrying?

Hey. I don’t have a obsidian mirror or ball for scrying. Could I use a glass mirror? Also would a PC monitor work as well?


Any reflective surface works! I use my phone screen and my laptop screen but then have to cleanse it so it doesn’t work funny on me!

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thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. I bought a cheap picture frame and painted the glass black.

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Ok thanks. Ill try to find some paint and paint my small mirror black.

You want a smooth,reflective side, that’s why people use picture frames… You take the frame apart, paint the inside of the glass black and put it back together again.

Mirrors are no good because they are already covered with mirror paint on the back of the glass. Paint on the front with be uneven and not reflect well.

You can get cheap picture frames in dollar stores. I used a plastic poster frame, I like the slightly matte finish.

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