Worried about what others might say , think , feel about me

"Worried about what others might say , think , feel about me"
Which chakra is in charge for that ? I was looking for answer online but every site tells something different.


I find it’s normal and even useful to a certain degree what you feel. We are social beings and others reflect what we usually don’t like to accept about our true nature.
If you want a clear answer, try to work with your throat chakra first. JMO

Good luck :slight_smile:


thanks mate :slight_smile:

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Make a list of the things that you like about yourself. How you have helped others and additional redeeming qualities.

Hi there, there are three i’d say, the first is the same as David suggested the throat chakra, which can cause miss-communication. There is the heart charka which feels with great intesity sometime to our dentriment and also solar plexus chakra which is our identity. Working on these three so that they are clensed and well balanced should help you with that situation.

Also practice laughing at yourself and when you come across embarrasing situations that puts you in more control of the situation. Also learn not to listen to deeply to those who aren’t even in your life, as there not in your life.


Why are you worried so much about what others think about you? Do what is right for you, and what makes you happy. If you’re doing something to manipulate someone, then you’re definitely going to consider others opinions of why and what you are doing, and need to consider actions carefully. What we send out can come back to us, is what I’ve been told and try to consider in all things I do. Otherwise, I’m trying to break myself of the same thing you’re describing. Too much old thought on ‘what are they thinking about me?’ Don’t waste time or energy on that.


It sounds very reasonable, but don’t forget that sometimes ppl can’t deal with problems that seem easy for the rest of us for so many different reasons.
If somebody receives only negative feedbacks all the time from an influential person/persons, it can become a hudge problem. So, energy workings, as well as other approaches can help a lot.
As kiss-lamia-lilith said, practising laughing and other skills are also very helpful.
When I feel worried and need a really fast remedy, I tap my upper chest bone and chin for a few minutes or even longer. It helps to my energy system to function better.
I hope it helps a little.


Your power resides in your solar plexus. There is also the possibility that your assemblage point is off.


That’s my recommendation as well, and don’t forget most people are more full of thoughts about their own shortcomings, their own insecurities, and worried what YOU think of them - see this for a breakdown of that concept:


Also, add President Obama. You never saw him lose his cool.

People are gonna talk about you no matter who you are. They will talk when you’re dead or alive. So let them talk and do your own thing.

A girl once said, “All of you judge me because I’m not the same as you. I judge you all because you are all the same.”