Worried about Black Magicians? Join the Golden Dawn!

I thought forum members would find the following video by David Griffin (Imperator of the Golden Dawn, or so he says) of interest, as it mentions EA and his army of Black Magicians:
Human Sacrifice & Black Magick Defense: Magick 101 on Golden Dawn TV

Holy shit this is to much. I bet you EA and this David guy are pimping both ends of the magical market using each others notoriety. This guy is a rehashed EA complete with green screen.

Sorry y’all know I support EAs works, but Im not blind lol.

Bwahahahahaaa. Oh, wow! Well worth a few minutes of my all-too-short-mortal life! I have found a new calling. Magic(k) commercials. Totally inspired.

Oh no, an aura shield (because we all haven’t seen and gotten around those before…)! Shucks, now I’m limited to spells that feed their egos until they alienate their allies!

do you notice how he moves his hands? at about 2:10 he’s talking about things going from “bad to worse” but he’s moving his hands upwards, and quite awkwardly at that. I think a body language expert would have fun with this guy’s performance, and it IS a performance!

“I want lightsaber sounds”

“But Mr. Griffin, that sounds stupid…”

“Who is the Impertor?”

sigh you are…”

Seriously though, he builds a better mousetrap, someone will build a better mouse.

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So this is the imperator of the Golden Dawn, he talks about ‘Black Magic’ likes its main aim is to harm people, doesn’t this suggest his own fear and ignorance ~ especially from someone who claims to be the commander of the Hermetic order. He would need more than a bubble around him for protection.

He needs to protect himself from himself……………………………

[quote=“savodonger, post:7, topic:4619”]So this is the imperator of the Golden Dawn, he talks about ‘Black Magic’ likes its main aim is to harm people, doesn’t this suggest his own fear and ignorance ~ especially from someone who claims to be the commander of the Hermetic order. He would need more than a bubble around him for protection.

He needs to protect himself from himself……………………………[/quote]

Savo, a lot of this comes from a few months back when Koetting was invited by Griffin (the host) to some MagickAll festival and a slew of pompous Golden Yawners got their panties in a twist because he was going to give a speech and do a ritual, and they started threatening curses, violence, etc., like the childish group of liberal twats that they are. Within a month or so of that, Griffin’s son Adam died in a car accident, and Koetting posted a video about being cursed (they happened within a week of each other).

Personally, I think Griffin let his ego cloud his discernment (HORUS WILL PROTECT ME!), and his son suffered the consequences. While the outcome is tragic, as I’m sure Adam was a wonderful, vibrant and intelligent young man, who is every good thing his father had ever said about him, it pains me to see David Griffin turn his grief into… this… instead of an honest assessment of the very people he thinks are his allies, and fellows in the Golden Dawn.

I can only hope Griffin will perform a great level of introspection about this and confront the poisonous nest of bullshit within that order, before he embarks on a crusade he won’t come back from.

Creed, that certainly sheds some new light on things. I suppose we’ll be hearing more from David Griffin in the future as he tries to set himself up as the anti-EA Koetting.

If Im not mistaken Griffin was who invited EA and remained supportive and even approved of the gateway ritual…that is until he was mutnied by his own adepts and the whole hellmouth ritual panic broke that up. I highly doubt Koetting cursed someone who invited him to share hisgroups sacred space and was preaching tolerance for all forms of magic and thus I doubt Griffin holds EA responsible for his sons death. Seems more to me like a planned PR stunt they are collaborating on, or giving EA the benefit of the doubt, Griffin plans on cashing in on the witch hunt panic his own order stirred up. Time will tell I suppose.

Really enjoyed that video. PR Stunt, Mind-control techniques, hypnotism techniques, subliminal messaging in aqukawrd cuts. Hidden spells. Its all in there.

Who has got contact info for this guy?
I want to know how to contact this guy. I am one one of the darkest of dark magickians if such a thing did in fact exist. I have never evoked anything as evil as some of the men in this world. We may wield a sword or a scythe, in the end all that matters is what you are cutting down. It is your intent that matters. It is what you care for and fight for. It has nothing to do with deities or entities conjured. In Nomine Draconis…

This GD shit is out dated. Invalid and impotent. Things are different now. This way is done. Pfffft.

You could probably contact him here, but I wouldn’t count on a response ~ caution is advised here my friend as he may CURSE you…Muahahahaha!!

He can also be found on Facebook under his name, in a group called “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” with that registered trademark ® after it, to show just how large his ego is. Though be prepared, I spent about a week there, and ended up getting booted after a heated exchange with some twenty year old with four hair colors over whether or not their 3=6=1=4=9=93=777=10 initiation is necessary to perform an evocation (I may have deserved it when I called her a “delusional fucking egotistical child with no sense of real history, swallowing the nonsense and bullshit her fraud order was force feeding her”).

And yes. GD is outdated. Any time you need to fashion seventeen new implements to perform a single working, from scratch and personally, when a naked guy in a bare room can do it as well or better, its time to reassess. But that’s what’s making the GD irrelevant, is their inability to honestly look at themselves and reassess. They’re so obsessed with tradition, lineage, etc., that they can’t act properly.

either that Creed or its just a ‘penis extension’ lol

“E.A Koetting may be the most dangerous black magician today”

*Runs out and buys everything written and created by E.A Koetting."

Thanks for the reference man :wink:

I love those poorly thought out arguments trying to warn you away from something that actually tell you exactly what you needed to hear to go out and obtain/research exactly what they’re trying to get you away from.

What’s wrong with this sentence?

Well holy shit! This is epic, David Griffin uses Koettings own marketing methods to sell his own stuff, and at the same time plugs Koettings works in a round about way. Surely BALG and Griffin conspired together on this video, it looks like a win-win to me. And no, the GD isnt outdated, they just pursue our path in a different way. Hopefully Eric puts up a video ‘in response’ to this similarly promoting Griffins work. Or is there really a feud or ‘magical battle’ brewing? I doubt it.

And, without the proper training, stamping your foot on the ground while saying 'Shhhhhh" aint going to do shit.