Works of Darkness

I just reread chapter 1 of Works of Darkness

I have to say it is the single best writing on Black Magick ever. Seriously…fucking…badass…

Yeah it’s a great book, wish I had it when I was starting out in dark magick. I started doing the darkness meditation the other night and it was one of the most powerful meditations I’ve ever had.

EA has an enticing way of writing that his books just draw you in every time. He stated in his interviews that he liked writing even before he got into the occult and that he genuinely likes to write, so he seems to have a natural skill for that also. I wish I had the exact quote to give but I can only give you the gist of what he said, obviously if I’m wrong or misinformed, I’m sure I will be corrected.
If you meant that is it the best information on black magick you have ever read about, then I would have to agree with you on that, also.

Yeah I love E A’s material because he imbues the text with the essence of a personal mentor. I was about 15 when he released Baneful Magick, so I guess you could say I grew up studying his work, my all-time favorite being Ipsissimus. I literally remember having to stash his books under my drawers in high school, which didnt work anyway because my father is ex-special forces so he knew how to conduct a thorough investigation lol…But on the subject of Works of Darkness I must agree that it’s one of the most valuable books on the subject.


This is my Main Working Text right now. I’m doing the OAA material and working through the WoD. I love it.