Works Of Darkness - Demonic Introduction Experience

Hello everyone.

Tonight I have completed the Works Of Darkness Demonic Introduction ritual, and while gazing at the inverted pentagram that has been drawn I was going into Theta/Gamma sync most of the time, saw the lines disappear and glow with kind of yellow light.

After the ritual when I felt the sigil’s lines with my hand they was a bit warm, warmer than the paper itself. So that must indicate that the sigil was really charged with energy, has anyone else experienced anything similar with charged sigils ? :slight_smile:

The sigil was not actually warm, neither was the paper, you were simply feeling the energy radiating from the sigil in the form of heat. Some feel energy as heat or cold sensations so most likely the sigil was charged and active. I created a topic a while back about sigil charging and different ways that people can feel or experience it. Here is a link to that topic in case you have other questions.

Thank you for your explanation :slight_smile:

I have read the thread before so I knew how it’s charged but it was cool to feel the energy from it, the more indications that it’s working the better :slight_smile: