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Hello E. A.
I hope you are well. I love reading your material, and watching your YouTube videos. I have a question for you:

I have just finished reading your e-book Works of Darkness, especially the chapter Dark Ascent. I am on the Left Hand Path, and I want to ascend to godhood. In this chapter, it comes across, that it is necessary to ritually will the death of an enemy. I have my share of enemies, whom I hate, but I am not at the stage, of willing death or injury to them or their associates. I have ritually willed unhappiness to them; but I stop short of willing them or their associates death or injury, and I include such in the curses, or instructions to demons.

Does this mean, that I cannot at the moment travel the path of Dark Ascent?

I look forward to your reply.



@tonypigott I would say that the point of a death curse is as much for your own growth as it is to remove someone from your life. It is that very attitude of not being willing to cast a death curse that is trying to be removed. To blacken your soul so to speak. Just my take on this.

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@tonypigott That being said there are reasons why a curse may be necessary for progress beyond what is stated above: Vampirism, Necromancy and Sacrifice are main ones I can think of.

Thank you for your reply. Is it necessary to darken the soul, to become a God? Having said that, it could be concluded that Jehovah was a dark god from time-to-time. I would be will to send a death curse, as a last resort, to protect or save an innocent. Is that enough? Do I need to be willing to do it for any reason?

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I would say no, but I walk a specific Path that may be different from yours.

Again, I would say it depends on what you want to be. For what I want to be, yes. For what you want to be? Well, I have no clue what that is.[quote=“tonypigott, post:4, topic:19788”]
Do I need to be willing to do it for any reason?
Including random slaughter? I would say no. Certain Orders may disagree.

I wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice an animal or a human under any circumstances.

Again, choose your own Path in accordance with that. Some Paths pretty much mandate living sacrifice (through curses at least). The BMoA calls for literal animal sacrifice with a knife and all. The Rite of Deification does too. Others don’t. I can’t tell you what Path you should walk.

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No, please look around the forum for more ideas, also check your messages 9green icon top right!). :smiley:


I want to be a god, omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent and immortal. If I had such abilities, surely there are other ways, to make this world a better place, without causing the death of another?


@tonypigott I think EA was talking about how those three powers were ideals to constantly strive for (immortality is a different case entirely. That is possible). Not something you actually achieve. That’s the difference. You are working towards a goal of absolute power while knowing you will never reach it.


Thank you again. I will look around the forum. Please continue to reply with more ideas