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Say I wrote a petition to help me get good results from callisthenic workouts. Could I ask to improve my workout effect so it has a much bigger and noticeable change on my body?

I’ve manifested some truly mind-boggling results with emergency healing magick, but usually this sort of magick works more on a mental level than juicing up your gains.

If you want to build strength and muscle endurance (or muscle hugeness) with calisthenics (something I practice), do full-body calisthenics two or three times per week. It really is that simple. It also helps to eat well and get enough protein. I don’t do the powder/shakes, I just eat a sizable amount of protein with every meal.

Also, make sure you have good form and are covering the entire body. Don’t want to topple in the wind - do squats and lunges along with pushups pullups abs dips etc.

I am in no way associated with this person, but he seems to churn them through the grinder rather well. I also fundamentally disagree with his selection - toppling organizations is so much more fun!


Try sigil magick for that because that is oddly specific or perhaps a servitor. The other thing you could try (and this is something I have wanted to do for awhile myself) is to ask the spirits your work with to send you a really good personal trainer to get into the best shape possible. It’s a conventional approach yes but a whole lot easier.

As far what sprits might help there are a few. Belial is supposed to be good for improving your physique from what I’ve heard. Raphael or maybe even Gabriel too this they rule over the Sun and Mars respectively. Raph for healing (which will increase muscle recovery time) and Gab improving your physical self which falls under mars. Foras might be good too since the form he takes is that of large muscular man and corresponds to virgo (which represents health & healing). He also specializes in improving your longevity which can’t hurt.

Do you think I could get a similar result to weightlifting?

Not exactly an expert, but this depends. Calisthenics can definitely build strength, but at a certain point, lifting does seem necessary if you want to attain more extreme strength like one rep max lift.

There are presumably two things going on - hypertrophy and “strength.” Hypertrophy is muscle growth, strength is the actual strength, like how much you can max lift one rep. Hypertrophy happens more with higher reps, but apparently low rep high weight is how you push strength to extreme levels. I don’t really lift though so grain of salt.

Regardless of all this, with generally anything, if you want to get better at something, do that thing. There are also neuron things happening, but I digress.

Think about it this way - look at the phsyiques (is that misspelt??) of advanced athletes for a runner/swimmer, a calisthenics athlete, and a lifter. Pick your favorite or mix and match a bit.

Functionally, if you need cardio to do your thing, then you gotta do cardio, plain and simple, for the functionality. If you need super strength, you probably gotta lift. If you need to sustain like a fuckin endurance sustainer, calisthenics may be a better option, along with cardio, as in the training for tactical professions like military or elite law enforcement. If you need strength but don’t want the mega swoleness, calisthenics seems to be the way to do that.

Whichever you do, strength training is imo a twice or three times per week thing because the rest matters. Cardio you can spam. Rest is good with that too but cardio you can really spam the shit out of it once you build the stamina.

Also, it doesn’t matter how much effective exercise you do, if you’re pounding back the ice cream every day and eating every carb you can get your hands on, you likely won’t get the results you’re after, and even if somehow your metabolism is a gift from the demons themselves, you’ll fuckin die early cause all you ate was weird processed garbage with zero nutritional value that actively harms your body. Eat a goddamn vegetable.

my advise is find a good coach if you ll save much of time in progress.if not educate your self well.

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