Workings without a circle

Aside from the circle of will projected via a pattern ritual such as the Pentagram, what possibilities can occur without a specifically and ornately drawn circle, and triangle of art, especially when working with those from the Goetia? With a license to depart, do they (anything) immediately depart?
Unless I’m being duped that all of them are friendly, I generally work without a circle and stand or sit beside my altar and do my workings. I don’t have room for doing circumambulations/widdershins/whatever, so I simply step circular when doing the ritual.



Do you a least make an Astral circle? If memory serves me right there is one called the tower of protection. I intend to use that regularly.

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My standard approach is that the Demons I call are here to help me and I don’t need to protect myself from them in any way. I don’t use any methods to constrain the entities I work with.


Correction it called The Tower of Light is an energy working technique that involves connecting with your higher self, running energies through your energy system, cleansing, healing, and shielding. It raises your frequency and fills your aura with a powerful divine light and connection to your higher self, and becomes a pure and natural defense against intruders. If you work with spirits and entities, that’s fine, as they have been given your permission to enter your shielded aura. It’s those who try to sneak in without permission, including human psychic and magickal attacks, that this technique provides a very effective defense against.

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Circles are not needed when your intentions with the entities are pure.

Do you invite your friends over to watch a football game but keep a knife drawn incase they rob you?

I think not.


Depends on what kind of friends you have.


Not much. It theoretically could have an effect, but only if you think it will (even then it might not).

Not always. EA relates an experience in Evoking Eternity, where he had an spirit linger until he repeated the banishing/dismissal shown on pg. 100 (?). That’s a good one, btw.

You might be. I can’t say because I do not have experience with all of them. What do you mean by friendly? I just had the webbing of my tongue ripped and I’m pretty sure it was a goetic I am working with, so friendly is subjective. I DID get exactly what I asked for, though.

Yep. I am always aware that there is something in reach that is a weapon, even if it is my own hands. Call me the aggressive type (I am), but I manage to stay pretty safe.

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This is how I feel as well.


If you are working with a particular entity that is one thing, but you do have some uninvited tag alongs every once in a while. Like it’s been stated not all banishing are 100% so any preventive precautions should be taken IMO.

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Thank you for responding, I wasn’t sure if I would be automatically possessed, leeched of my energy or what not.
It really boils down to laziness I guess. I know some entities are not fond of slackers, and
trying to improvise creating space is a problem.

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That’s where Astral circles come in but it requires work. If I may suggest look into The Tower of Light or rituals similar to it. Find what works for you.

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You can accomplish this by just turning on the spot or preform the ritual in your mind. Quite a few people here have posted positive results with this.

Also it depends on the purpose of the circle. For example in Black magick of Ahriman the mandala that makes up the circle of counter creation has Nothing to do with protection. It establishes sentient gates for energies to pass through through creating the circle itself and the talismans linked directly to the zanda and the alter when created as the nexion. :thinking: cant remember if the alter made for Sorcerous work can be linked or not. Don’t have the text on hand to check right now.

There is also a circle ritual but again has nothing to do with protection and everything to do with aligning to the current.

The the empowerment through the activation of blackened fire and the exercise of calling the divs are used for protection in the beginning by putting specific forces in action within the auric field.

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In Evoking Eternity, EA describes the magic circle as simply the place where the magician stands at the centre of Eternity. It has nothing to do with protecting one from the forces evoked, It is setting aside a space where the magician is God, just like the Triangle of Manifestation isn’t a trap for the spirits, but simply a place set aside for them to stand. One can easily work without them if one chooses to.

I use a Universal Circle in my work, but no Triangle of Manifestation, so the spirit manifests where it will. I barely have space in my room for the Circle but the spirit bonded to it does make evocation easier. In Works of Darkness, the circle and triangle are astral ones drawn in the imagination so you don’t need anything ornate. It sounds like what you are doing works fine.

In both EE and WoD, beings from the Goetia are evoked successfully so a specific circle isn’t necessary. Go with what feels right.


I agree. When I thought of the circle as just being for protection it added a sense of fear to my work. It always made me think like I needed to make a circle to protect me whenever I did magick like a crutch. I lacked self confidence because I put my faith in the circle and not in myself.

Once I re-thought of myself as a goddess at the center of my own universe with the circle around me everything changed. So when I envoke a spirit its like i’m inviting them into my personal space, my world. They seem to appreciate it more this way like it is hospitable inviting them to my house and preparing a space for them. Instead of trying to confine them to a triangle or make a circle as if I was trying to protect myself from them.