Workings/Spirits for the Arctic Cold?

I’m in the midwest and we’re suppose to get colder than Antarctica, Alaska, Serbia, Mt. Everest etc. for the next day or so. Are there any spirits or workings I could look into to take advantage of the dreadful cold that’ll be present? I sure Skadi and the Frost Giants could be good ones, anyone else worth noting; especially demonic/qliphothic?

Thanks everyone!


Wendigos come to mind especially in the midwest. Also Ithaqa if you want to go there. Mab the Fae Queen of Winter. I get the idea maybe even Fenrir.


Wendigos may be a good one, a significant part of me is of Native American descent. What do they teach?

I’ve really been wanting to get into lovecraftian magick as well, so Ithaqa may be right up my alley lol


Far as I am away the average one does not teach much unless you want to channel their power and emulate their abilities to manipulate the feral animal sides in people and the weather along with other powers they are noted to have. I would classify them as lesser entities more the sort you use as servants and send forth to accomplish a task. Now if you get old powerful ones that is a different story as those are less feral. They are spirits of hunger and many taboo things as I understand them but also deeply connected to animal instinct and cold darkness. Ithaqa is one of the Great Old Ones from Lovecraftian lore and I believe one of his titles in that lore is the Father of Wendigos so whether or not he is real per say you could use his name and title as a way to contact the big head huncho in your area for the wendigos.

I recommend you have some good shielding and wards set up just in case though given the reputation they have but if you follow all the good safety procedure for contacting potentially unknown spirits including proper purifications and banishings of unwanted forces and a good circle casting it should give sufficient protection along with your discipline. You might also be able to find some stuff pertaining directly to wendigos if you have sources to look into Native American protections against such beings.