Workings and views with King Paimon

I worked with King Paimon this evening and found this session to be very different than the others. He was more aggravated and upset so to speak then I’ve ever encountered with him before. He conveyed to me that alot of the workings he does now is mundane. That we no longer are focused on the pattern of magick only it’s quick results.
He told me of a time when the construction of a spell and it’s weave working; his words not mine meant more than the actual spell. But nowadays it’s only the result without the work behind it. He also stated we have to much noise going day and night that we don’t fully appreciate the sound of silence and how important it is to us magicians.
He believes we are on the edge of a spiritual awakening and worrys that many will be left behind because lack of focus and effort. But one of his main aggravations is the lack of respect directed and given to him and his peers. This is where I started that all I see on this forum is many people giving the utmost respect and admiration to them all.
He then responds to that with some do and some don’t and even babies learn how to crawl before they walk. That’s where he started losing me with him bounce from subject to subject. He almost felt like a teacher that gets upset with his students for overlooking an important detail. But at the end of our session he was his old authoritative self and tell me to focus on the preparation one needs to be able to do meaningful magick.


Yes, that sounds like King Paimon alright. Actually, King Paimon is the ideal mentor, he gets angry when you miss the important parts and he wants to show you how to do well. He really is great!


Well, King Paimon is not wrong, we do lost our way somewhere, I for starters don’t even know where I am in in regards of my working with entities in general and am feeling a general lack of direction, and I know for a fact many magicians share this feeling, some can’t perform magick because of their ancestors or pacts as old as time that their souls made long before their brains were formed in the womb, there are so many chains preventing us from growing, now more than ever we should be growing as magicians to break said chains, still, none of that is happening, at least not in a big enough scale


I agree that we in past lives did and made pacts that hinder our growth today. But I also feel that we’re able to break those bonds and find our way to our rightful place in our path whatever it may be.


Interesting you should say that at this time… Hope you’ll join the group working tomorrow/today (depending on time zone) to help break those chains then :slight_smile:

Oh I was not talking about my chains, mine have been torn apart a while ago, but I know they exist, however, which group working do you happen to be talking about?

Edit: nevermind, saw the quotation that followed