Workings against Child Abuse

How about this one?



I think he needs support.


He sounds (except his outcall to god at the end), pretty similar to the general ideals of empowerment.
He want’s to the Work on his own.
He want’s to fund the Work on his own as good as he can.
He want’s to improve his surrounding cylce after he suffered severe thread.
Three wishes that are held back by limitation which seems to be put and enforced on him from outside.
I started looking for ways in how i can help him out of his situation and into the Work he actually want’s to do.
topic had been on Balg for a while, so it made me wonder wether it is allready work on progress.



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He has been in my thoughts for a long time now. He was blowing the whistle before the #metoo stuff… and was being blown off, of course. He’s been talking for a while.

He’s not the first of course. People have been blowing the whistle since at least Shirley Temple.

I’ll do something to help.


I recommend Sabnock for this. He erects defenses and punishes those who attack. Also Andromalius to uncover those behind this. I would do this myself but I already have too many irons in the fire so to speak.


Thank you! I’ll set to.

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Forgot to mention that Andromalius does more than just shine the light on cockroaches. He can squash them too.


to be fair, if andromalius did his job correctly at all times i’d have some stuff saddled long before.

He’s however very good in reseurch on astral levels.