Working with Wayne Barlowe's paintings

I found this artist’s works when I was researching Sargatanas and I have to say these paintings woke up something primal in me… His depiction of Hell and demons looks really awesome! :grin:
For those who don’t know his works, here:

My question is, did someone ever try to work with spirits through these artworks? He has some paintings of Semyaza, Sargatanas, Lilith, Abaddon, Moloch, Lucifuge, and Belial. I was thinking of getting a print to have some altar pieces or something.


Thank you for that!
I found one of the images looking for artwork for Ereshkigal and always wondered who the artist was :slight_smile:
She likes this depiction as far as I can tell.

This one:

The rest is amazing as well and does match some of the places I’ve seen in my travels. I particularly like the hellhounds and how he does crowns - that’s exactly what those feel like.


Hm, I have the Mausolea oracle deck and it’s depiction of Ereshkigal is kinda similar, but not the same:

It’s cool though, I wonder if mr.Barlowe does meditation journeys before he makes his paintings!

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That’s gorgeous, love it! :black_heart:

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