Working with Venus talisman

I have a venus 4th pentacle talisman.
I bought online… I wanted to consencrate it properly"… How would I consencrate it and do I consencrate it everyday or like once a month?
Also how would I use it? Would I hold it in a certain hand or wear it as a necklace and do I tell it my desire? I am just trying to get insight into this thank you very much.

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If memory serves me according to franz bardon, Consecration is fire and purification is water. You do not have to do anything complex if you wish, you could even spend 10 minutes focusing on light from above coming down and cleansing it for your purpose. If you wanted to use fire and water, do a pore breathing of the fire triangle into you then the pentacle and you could pass it over a candle flame and say in your own words element of fire consecrate this pentacle, then do the same with the element of water and dip it in water, if its paper then just pass it over those things. You could do all 3 or just the first one.


Thank you so much! Okay I will do it tonight :blush:

Look up the Hour and Day of Venus, you can do it daily (if that’s what you plan) dring one of the Hours, and then make a special focus on the Day.


Find the Hour for your location here:

Software that will run on your computer:


Okay thank you so much… I appreciate the help and getting understanding :blush:Lady Eva

I suggest Start on a Friday when moon is ascending, best if its full moon on that Friday. You could open it as a sigil and ask for what you want. First hour after sunrise everyday is good for planetary working of that day as choghadiya and hora are both of the lord of that day. If you want a mobile app get it from below link.


wow super cool okay I will choose one…
I needed this because I just am trying to be more proactive in my magick and summoning etc
Thank you Electric Dragon :blush: