Working with two spirits simultaneously

Greetings all…I had thought about working with two spirits; One being Lucifer and the other being Lilith. The ultimate goal would be to create a ritual that would have both of them working together in one ritual. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. :metal:


What exactly are you wanting to know?

If you are asking if they are compatible, then the answer is, yes, they are.

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I will be studying under Lucifer, but the main reason I want to work with Lilith is to ask her for one of her daughters to be my companion and to make sure that while I have a working relationship with both for various things I may need to work on, that when I have a succubus in my life that there won’t be any conficting interests. Basically to invoke both Lucifer and Lilith to discuss if this is possible, if that makes sense.


There most likely wont

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Ah that is good. I want the succubus to not only be my companion but I would like her to walk alongside me as I journey along the Left Hand Path and be able to share things with her, someone to love and care for, learn off each other and all the great things a human and spirit can have

there won’t be any conflicts. however, i am not sure but i heard if a succubi falls in-love with u. you have to forget ever having a normal mundane relationship again. hey i am not sure about this but this is what i heard

I can handle that lol…having a Succubus means I can discuss esoteric topics with as well as mundane topics. As I see it, working with powerful spirits like Lucifer and Lilith may set me tasks to work on and having a succubus there will help to see things in a different way if I miss them.

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well, i wish you all the luck in your journey.

Thank you and best of the luck to you on your journey🤘

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