Working with two entities would disturb working?

Hey guys,

I’d like to know if working with two entities/daemons would interrupt your magick work? For example if you asked the one to do a specific request can you then after ask another the same in order to make your magickal workings more powerful? If not what would be the best way? I was thinking drops of blood as a offering seeing the situation is dire in my eyes, however i read that offering blood is not just offering blood and then boom. I read someone mentioned that it connects a bond/link between you and the entity and some people had some hella rides which they did not prepare for which i don’t want at the moment as i am still ascending as a beginner on this path.

Let me know what your experience was in the past and any advice you can share. I might be a bit too hasty however if i dont get out of this situation i am currently in, i sure will go down one way or the other because it happened before and i’d like to prevent that.


Doing that says you doubt both and could go wrong, especially if the first one called is offended.

It’s better to work with one spirit and ASK THEM what else you can do to help things along, they may refer you to another spirit as well, or suggest you do a spell or something.

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Thank you Lady Eva. I will attempt to do another evocation and ask what i can do to help aid in the request asked for.

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