Working with the spirits to help tackle COVID 19

Not sure if anyone will be interested but here I have a list of spirits who may be able to help during the COVID Crisis…
I’m sure the majority of people will know Marbas & Buer, the others they are the angels of the Shem HaMephorash


Thanks for taking the time to do this👍🏻. I will be contacting Lord Shiva and his aspects to do this. Plus my own shielding and healing technique for which I will connect with my god self and my incubi partner will also play a role here plus the spirits I am working with. Now this is really amazing that these angels of Shemhemphorash (pardon if that’s not the right spelling) have been calling me since some time now…they r appearing and sounding in my head… Like they want me to connect. What could this be. My hands are already full with the spirits and work I am doing with them. Should I answer this call? I don’t know anything about these angels.

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Perhaps it is as simple as they do want to connect with you…

I would recommend that you should channel your questions to your head spirit.

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We actually have a Covid-19 working thread for things like this to be collected together. It would be ideal if you could post your COVID-19 magickal ideas there.



For one it’s a virus it’s like asking them to kill off one species…

N two I’ve already asked mine spirit spouse said nothing can prevent the spread unless you kill off all who have it which at this point most do…even more so he said they can not intervene…but they can help keep those who are sick healthy and those that aren’t from getting it if they ask…


I tried but it looks like I almost jumped the gun too far. :thinking:

It didn’t get traction, it is what it is, so carry on folks but please remember no politics, and as importantly, no edgelording, cheers. :+1:


That’s quite interesting, I guess at the moment I’m trying to rally up healer spirits! Perhaps they may not be able to directly stop the virus but they may be able to influence and support those scientists and people in power.


That they can do I’m sure of it

Thanks. I also found another ritual that is in a book released last year: The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer. I did not even see it, until I was looking last week for something to specifically help with the coronavirus situation.

The ritual is with Shahaiah and Berith, and the blurb says: ‘To protect against disease during an epidemic.’
I did it for myself and family and so far so good, touch wood…


Let’s combine our collective efforts to help end the virus by summoning the 50th Name of Marduk, NINNUAM. For this name is only meant to be summoned on occasions such as this. It translates directly to “the lady of 50 wild bulls”. Let them tame the fear and negativity filling our world, and bring things back to order. Perhaps a cure for COVID-19 will be found sooner?
Their word of power is GASHDIG.
Here is their seal.

  1. You’ll want to make a copy of the seal.
  2. Use the word of power as a mantra
  3. Focus on the seal until you’ve activated it, while saying the word of power.
  4. As you feel the spirit coming to you, call it’s name to welcome it.
  5. Once you’ve made contact, petition them to stop the pandemic, have them find a cure, as is their will.
  6. Hopefully success, We’ll gladly take the credit for ending the plague. You can too.

Spirits to help with disease… Let’s see: Marbas, Buer, Rasheth, Pazuzu, Verrine, Ereshkigal, Lucifer, Satan, Iblis, Azazel


The spirits wont stop the virus. They may heal u individually, but there’s no messiahing out of this…I dunno if this post will be scrubbed or not, but I’ll do this anyway. They will not rally to collectively save the human race…its nearing its end…the virus , im not gonna say its part of a prophecy…i think such things are bs…But human kind needs to use this as a tool to take inventory of thier own shit…

Seriosuly, this has forced ppl to be more hygeinic or die…but this reflects something in the human unconscious. The Earth’s adaptive pressure is pushing humankind to EVOLVE OR DIE…

I leave it here

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Space Jesus loves you too.

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potential help to the covid-19 and other illness. So hard to get good info these days due to corruption of media. And it don’t cost much for those who are broke. =o)

A fascinating video on the secrets of DNA.

“Very few people know that in the universe there exists unlimited high density/frequency energy, and our human body has the ability to resonate with these energies, it is just not well understood by modern science. In this video we will introduce several very astonishing experiments to explain the problem, and we are going to talk about the virus from a totally different perspective and a little-known way to eliminate it.”:

Did it too :slight_smile:

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