Working with the great ones

I’ve been communicating with King Belial, Grand Duke Dantalion , and Goddess Lilith for almost 2 weeks and it has been great so far. Whenever, I feel down or feel like being emotional I just call them and somehow their energy recharges me. I hope that at some point, I will fully communicate and see them.

I also wanted to thank everyone for being so helpful in sharing their experiences, advices, and tips. It has been a great help.

Most of my requests were being granted slowly and I know that the spirits I called into are working on it for it be fully successful.

Having said this, what could I do more to show them my commitment and gratitude (i.e. offering, acts)?

Thank you.


Belial likes to share a drinkie, especially a good scotch. One for you, one for him, chink glasses, say ‘cheers/prost/slainte/skaal/here’s to you’ and just leave his out for 24-48 hours on your alter or wherever.

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