Working with the divs

So just recently i have started working with the divs.
At the moment i feel like i have a blind fold on.
Not %100 sure what im doing but it feels right.

After performing the first rite of calling forth the beings into the cardinal points i have felt limitless.

I can feel the energy changing within.

A being seems to be around me at the moment its energy feels very dense and is a little confusing to percive.

At first i freaked out thinking the spirit was an imposter.

Now im just going to imbrace the current.
My only concern is that for my family who i live with will these rites have an effect on them?

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If you are figuring out ways to work with them on your own its possible, i honestly dunno.

All my work with them is through the pathworking from black magic of ahriman. The book itself becomes a gate and a mirror and their are insurance policies built into the work to keep from blowing yourself up as it were so long as ya dont do anything crazy like attempting the rites of spiritual warfare before you are ready. So far i have only heard of 1 instances of someone doing that and it didnt end well.

If you really wanna explore this work without feeling like your gropping in the dark i highly recommend gettin the book. It is worth it, i have been working from it for about 6 months as a result i have been led to enough potential work to explore not in the book to keep me busy for years if i choose to do it.

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If you’re experienced with demonic magic, you might get a leverage in working with the divs through Asmodeus. He is Aeshma daeva. Well, a demonic aspect of Aeshma, but still, he might be able to “hook you up.”

I agree with @Dinmiatus. It can be dangerous work. Even when going through the book it can be dangerous if not done correctly. I personally wouldn’t try to do it blindly, but if you do, all the more power to you.