Working with the dead


Sweet! I was wondering about that “behaviour” thread and thanks for telling us the outcome! Nice work.

Cool, I’ve never really specifically asked for a result in curses. Good to know you can have such precision. Also like the fact about the hospital being the location for the Guede. Hospitals have such dreadful energy.

Going to start visiting my cemetaries pretty soon, it’s just starting to get warm in Canada.

Would you be able to disclose any details of the ritual? I’d be interested in hearing about it.

well that was an impressive example there. Reminds me of a story I hear in hawaii some kids climbed up on the scred rocks in the ulupo heiau, the next day it was like something was squeezing their legs and they wouldnt work right. A kahuna said that two spirits had grabbed onto the legs of the children. Maybe the guede is doing something similar to that guy.

Excellent! I hope that more people post about their necromantic experiences.
Myself, I’m going to perform a series of black works against a neighbor who is attempting to fuck with the botanica’s business, and another person attempting to destroy my boss’ husband’s stunt shop.

[quote=“The Eye”]Hello TWF !

This ritual with the guede has been taught to me by my vodou teacher and I took an oath at the beginning of my journey not to disclose his teaching.[/quote]

I understand.

And since I'm not from Romania, I really can't say more, I'm sorry I hope you understand.

Nice work! This is why I love the dead. Awesome workers :slight_smile:

Of course, that’s really where it’s at huh? Actual relationships. I have a particular spirit at the cemetery I work at who is pretty old and knows the others well. He can easily find other dead to work with me.

Sorta. I need to do an extreme binding on two people. I’m going to prepare the working at the feet on La Niña Negra and complete it at the cemetery. A mirror box to be specific. Of course, I’ll probably bury it at the grave of a spirit or something, depending on what La Negra suggests.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I make great mirror boxes. I love them. I use real mirror custom fitted to the box. I’m gonna have to list them on my webbie sometime soon.

I used aluminum foil instead. It had the advantage of me being able to break the wax figures inside while giving my petition. I originally planned to drop it off at the cemetery, but z La Negrainsisted on burial in a crossroads.

I’ve used the same crossroads spot so much that the last time I buried something there, I dug up one of my previous disposals, lol. Guess I need to spread my “work” around a bit more.