Working with the 1586 Necronomicon

I entered the first Gate early this morning! This is the Gate of Nanna/Sin, the Sumerian moon god. I thought early morning on a Monday (moon-day) during a full moon would be appropriate.

In the past week or so I have been looking at how the 9 Gates may or may not correlate with the main chakras. Yes, I know that the most common chakra system has 7 main chakras, but a few months ago I was told by someone close to me of two often-neglected chakras. One is located in both feet (deep, dark red in color) and the other is a few feet below that one (black in color). Haha… my feet are suddenly hot and throbbing with energy just because I’m writing about them.

Anyways, with this in mind, I have been playing with the idea that each of these 9 chakras may correlate directly with each of the 9 Gates. More specifically, I am connecting the first Gate with the crown chakra, the second with the 3rd eye chakra, and so-on. This is also very interesting because each of the Gates is associated with a color that is different than the usual rainbow chakra colors:

Chakra Traditional Color 9 Gates Color (god)
Crown Electric purple Silver (Nanna)
3rd Eye Indigo Blue (Nabu)
Throat Blue White (Inanna)
Heart Green Gold (Shammash)
Solar Plexus Yellow Red (Nergal)
Sacral Orange Purple (Marduk)
Root Red Black (Adar)
Feet Deep Red Deep Purple (Yuggoth)
??? Black ??? (Krythnon)

Additionally, the section in the Necronomicon which speaks of walking the 9 Gates actually begins with, “The is the book of entrance to the Seven Zones above the earth.” It then goes on to present all 9 Gates, not just 7. This would actually be consistent with the theory that I am playing with, since the lowest two chakras (which relate to Gates 8 and 9) are at or below ground level.

SO… with all of that being said…

I woke up before the sun today and took a shower, cleaning up my body and energy. Then I took Nanna’s Gate, which I had already drawn on a drawing pad in black pen, and went to a spot I had chosen. I then centered myself and gazed at the Gate (as I would a sigil), using the “alash tad” incantation and calling to Nanna/Sin to open the gate. This went on for several minutes with marginal success. Then, following my intuition, I began chanting a demonic enn to Satan:

Tasa reme laris Satan, ave Satanas

My experiences with Satan have been very different than for many people, apparently, as I have posted elsewhere on the BALG forum. Long story short: He told me that he is sort of a mirror for me of the version of myself that I strive to be, so it seemed fitting to chant his enn when opening a Gate of power that resides within me.

After only a few times repeating this enn, the Gate was flashing like a motherfucker! The lines were visibly vibrating, and going from straight to squiggly, and back to straight! Colors were flashing all over the Gate, too.

I stayed there for a few minutes, staring into the Gate’s maelstrom, before I willed myself to dive in. And then I just basked in it. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at that point, but I noticed that the whole top of my head - inside and out - was humming and throbbing with energy! And another thing: that energy was silver in color.

I called out to Nanna, and he and I spoke for a few minutes. As is mentioned in the Necronomicon, he gave me a word of passage that I am now to use whenever I open the Gate. I’m beginning to understand why I was told to paint the Gate and enter it later through my own painting: all I’ve really done so far is open the door. There is a lot of exploration to be done within this (and all) Gate(s). And when I get to a certain level of mastery over the power of each Gate, I may claim the power as my own.

That is the significance of painting the Gates based upon my own experience: The paintings are my expressions of each power.


I opened the Gate of Nabu tonight. I didn’t think I would be doing that so soon, but all afternoon I have been feeling a strong pull to do so. Then, tonight I realized that the days that correspond with the first 7 Gates run every other day; Monday is the day of the moon (Nanna), Wednesday is the day of Mercury (Nabu), Friday is the day of Venus (Inanna), and so forth. When I realized that, it dawned on me that opening the first 7 Gates is a two-week ordeal. Haha… this is intense! (Of course, if it weren’t I’d be supremely disappointed!)

I will write about the details tomorrow. My head is throbbing from the ritual. It’s not painful; there’s just a lot of pressure in various locations around (and in) my head.

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Opening the Nabu Gate was WAY different than opening the Nanna Gate!

I began by opening the Nanna Gate, gazing at the Gate and chanting Satan’s enn, vibrating the word of power that had been given to me when I opened the Gate the first time, and adding in the elash tad incantation from time to time. It opened much quicker than it had the first time, and the energy wasn’t so crazy this time when it did.

Then, I turned the page in my drawing pad to the Gate of Nabu. I gazed at it and again, repeated Satan’s enn and the alash tad incantation. I also called out to Nebo to open the gate, but after a few times of doing this I could feel him… sort of shaking his head “no”. He wasn’t refusing to open the Gate; he was telling me that he wasn’t the one who was to open it. Oh yeah! This is my pathworking so I need to be the one to open the Gate! (One of those small but very important details!)

I then called to the Gate itself that “in the name of Nebo” I open it, and then I vibrated “Nebo”. That’s when the lines of the Gate really started to flash, and I felt my face go slack (which is not typical for me during a magical operation). I also rotated back to Satan’s enn, but it wasn’t quite feeling right at this Gate. I was, however, getting a strong urge to chant Lucifer’s enn… so I did:

Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer

I think this is when my 3rd eye started throbbing and aching (it was uncomfortable but not painful). As I continued repeating Lucifer’s enn, more points around and through my head began to ache. As a side note: they are all aching again just because I’m writing about it, and my 3rd eye feels bigger than it ever has before… but I’m noticing that it’s a dirty blue; not clean and bright. This is no surprise since the whole time that my head was aching during the ritual, it felt like a bunch of deposits - so to speak - had built up in my head and were now being chipped away by opening this Gate. Even later, when I went to bed, I could feel that the job wasn’t done; as awesome as the ritual went, it didn’t feel like the Gate had fully opened yet.

Before I concluded the Opening of the Gate, however, I was directed to focus on the sigil(?) in the center of the Gate. The lines of the sigil flashed one at a time, in various, rapid sequences. Nabu told me that my mind needed to be “restructured”. I smiled and thought, “Yes, do it!”

A few minutes later I suddenly felt completely drained. I asked Nabu for the word of power for this Gate and he gave it. I felt that the ritual was complete so I thanked Nabu, Nanna, Satan, and Lucifer, dismissed them, and closed the ritual.

I will be opening this Gate again today to get the energy thoroughly going and to make sure that this Gate is fully open.


Opening the Nabu Gate a second time yesterday was very cool. This time the Gate opened fully. When it did, I didn’t feel a big surge of energy (like I thought I might); I felt the pressure around and through my head relax. It was like a jet reaching cruising altitude.

Yet another surprise awaited me this morning when I opened the Gate of Inanna! First off, I was pretty tired when my alarm clock went off, and I still felt somewhat drained from the physical affects of opening the first two Gates (basically just my body and psyche adjusting to an unfamiliar kind of stress). So, I laid in bed debating with myself whether I would open Inanna’s Gate at dawn (like I had planned), or postpone it until this afternoon.

There was a very fearful, semi-whiney voice in my head saying shit like, “You might feel unfocused or lightheaded at work if you do it now. It might make you screw up at your job. It’s not worth it! Do it later!” You know, really tedious shit! And I almost gave into what that voice said… but then I felt Inanna - she was actually paying attention to what was going on with me - and she was getting pissed off. I somehow knew - even before that moment, when she reminded me - that I must open her Gate at the break of dawn today, and that another time or day just would not due. Since I had already hit the snooze button several times I was way behind schedule to do this ritual before I had to get ready for work, but I still had to make it work.

So I got my shit together and to a minute to find a good spot to do it. My usual morning ritual spot is outside, and wasn’t available since it was raining this morning, leaving me with even less time to perform the Opening. But here I went, Opening the first and second Gates before laying my eyes on the third - that of Inanna.

I gazed at her Gate and repeated the alash tad chant several times, at which point I was inspired to recite Astaroth’s enn:

Tasa alora foren Astaroth

It should be noted that I have always related to Astaroth as the goddess, Ashtareth, who is directly equated with Inanna. So that fact that this particular demonic enn came to mind was really no surprise.

When I got into a good rhythm of repeating Astaroth’s enn, the Gate came alive! The whole thing ignited in a rainbow of pastels; it was beautiful! I immediately felt Inanna very close to me as I was overwhelmed with a flood of emotion. I didn’t quite know whether to cry happy tears of laugh my ass off… so I kind of did a little of both, combined with erratic hyperventilating. Looking back, I must have looked pretty funny! Before I could say anything, Inanna gave me the power word for this Gate.

This whole operation up to this point had been very rapid-fire, but not rushed; it had just naturally progressed at a very quick pace. And I realized at that moment that it was due to Inanna’s help. As I was about to ask her about it, she let me know that she knew how hard it was to work through my own bullshit so I could Open the Gate at dawn. She also knew that I had to get to work soon, and that her help in expediting the ritual was my reward for stepping up and doing it when it needed to be done.

Super cool.

I thanked all entities involved and closed the ritual a few minutes later.

I was also 5 minutes early to work this morning. :slight_smile:

The next Gate is that of Shammash, this Sunday.


Today I opened the Gate of Shammash.

Like Inanna’s Gate, the operation - though power - went at a very quick pace; much quicker than I expected. I don’t feel that anything was left out, however, or should have gone differently. Based on my experiences during these last two Gate Openings, it seems that a momentum is building. I am seeing how Opening these Gates - as well as major chakras - is a true and necessary foundation, that will allow me to dive deep into potentially terrifying mysteries and remain intact.

So here’s how it went today:

I grounded and centered myself, as usual. Then, I went through each of the first three Gates, gazing at them, vibrating the Power word associated with each one, and repeating the appropriate demonic enn. Each time I have gone through this procedure it goes a little faster and a little (or a lot!) smoother. When one Gate is charged I move on to the next.

When I got to Shammash’s Gate I was told to hold the Gate in full sunlight. My eyes are a bit sensitive to bright sunlight, and after a moment or two I heard Shammash tell me that I could move the Gate into the shade so I could gaze at it without eye strain, so long as my body remained in the sun.

As with the other Gates, I repeated the alash tad chant and ordered the Gate open in the name of the associated god (in this case, Shammash). I wondered what demonic enn I would be inspired to recite this time. Actually, I thought it would be Azazel, because when I first started getting to know him around five years ago, I would frequently bellow “Shammash!” (much like someone might yell “Banzai!” before doing something crazy) and then he would let out a burst of deep, satisfied laughter. He never told me why he did that, but I got the impression that by proclaiming “Shammash,” he was somehow bolstering my confidence.

In any case, I was incorrect; the enn that came to me was that of Baal:

Ayer secore on ca Baal

Although I had not worked or spoken with Baal in several months, we have always had a strong connection. Last year I experimented quite a bit with connecting demons with my chakras, and it always felt right connectly Baal to my heart chakra. (Actually, with him I would chant his enn while imagining his sigil was tattooed on my back, with the center of it directly behind my heart chakra; very powerful!)

And again, when I started with the demonic enn it was like plugging the Gate into a wall socket! Bright golds and yellows, with some light pinks, lit up the whole thing, and I felt my heart chakra - lighting up gold - heating me up from the inside. The sensation was both peaceful and invigorating.

I also felt grounded within myself, literally within my heart chakra. In other words, I felt grounded, but not at ground level. Up until then, grounding myself - or feeling well-grounded - had always been achieved by realizing the solidity of the ground beneath my feet (or my ass, if I was sitting down). This time, however, I felt the same kind of reassurance in connecting to a sort of “gravity” that was present within my heart chakra.

Holy shit! (This is just now sinking in.) I no longer need to rely on something outside of myself (including the earth) to be grounded! I can go anywhere and do anything, and I can always - ALWAYS - remain grounded within myself! Fuck yeah!!!

Hmm… I wonder how I can extend this into martial arts applications?

Well, fuck… I can hardly wait to find out what Nergal has in store for me, especially since my first meeting with him was so intense!


I opened the Gate of Nergal, and I feel like I have been aggressively supercharged; my solar plexus chakra is glowing a very, very intense, deep red that feels like it is powering up everything to another level. But it’s not just cranking up the wattage; it is remaining in line with my experience with the Gate of Shammash. The power that I am feeling is… it is more tangible to me, like I can actually touch it, hold it, pick it up and use it!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you are reading this I’m sure you’ve read my previous entries. So I’ll spare you the preliminary shit, except to say that I did my usual thing by candlelight, which I don’t usually do. It just felt right to have fire present when opening the Gate of Nergal. >:)

Once I had opened the other Gates/ chakras, and commanded this Gate open in Nergal’s name, the enn that I used was that of Amaymon:

Elan reya Amaymon

Before this ritual I felt compelled to look over the lists of demonic enns that I have. At first, I thought Lucifuge Rofocale might be the right one to go with this Gate. Nope! I felt a strong urge to move from the first list of enns that I was looking over (in large part because I knew Lucifuge Rofocale’s enn was on it) to a different one. I followed that “urge” and my eyes locked on Amaymon, almost immediately.

Going back to the ritual, after reciting Amaymon’s enn several times, I noticed Nergal was standing at my right shoulder. We talked for a few minutes, and I gave him some specific instructions as to what was to happen in accordance with my will.

I felt very empowered to instruct him in such a way. It’s hard to describe. I felt liberated from so much “I have to get it right… Was that correct?.. Should I have done that differently?.. Fuck! I think I screwed up!” crap that I am used to hearing in my head. Hah! This feels good!

Then I found myself, again repeating Amaymon’s enn, this time “aiming” the enn toward my solar chakra. I noticed it was already red in color, but the more I chanted the enn, the brighter my chakra glowed, until it had a bright white center and a rich, red radiance. Ah, but then I imagined if that white-hot center was just as strong and bright, but blood-red to the core (literally!).

That moment changed everything. That was the pivot point.

I was suddenly taking quick, deep breaths - almost hyperventilating! This continued for a moment or two until everything sort of evened out. It was a lot like when I opened Nabu’s Gate for the second time, so that moment tonight was probably the moment that Nergal’s Gate opened fully!

Well, my body and mind have a lot to assimilate, so I’m going to bed.

Only two “above ground” Gates to go! Thursday night is the Gate of Lord Marduk, and Saturday is that of Adar.


Thanks for all thisd, thene posts are akin to a tutorial for me.
But you have been omitting telling us whether you were given the words of Power at the last two gates

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[quote=“Milla, post:31, topic:5066”]Thanks for all thisd, thene posts are akin to a tutorial for me.
But you have been omitting telling us whether you were given the words of Power at the last two gates[/quote]

My apologies, Milla. I have received words of Power at every Gate.

I tried vibrating the words of Power on their own (outside of any ritual) to stimulate my chakras, which worked SO powerfully! However, since I didn’t have all of the Power words (this was after I had only opened the first two Gates), the rest of my chakras were running at a lower vibration, and several hours later I felt like someone had beaten the shit out of me. Needless to say, I didn’t really think it through before I did it.

With that said, I am very much looking forward to vibrating the words of Power for all 7 above ground chakras, and for all 9 as well! Of course for Gates/ chakras 8 and 9, I will have to exercise a little extra wisdom. I am, after all, testing out a theory with all of this, and I could be completely (or partially) wrong about how the 8th and 9th Gates correspond to chakras.

I will find out soon!

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(and I could be completely (or partially) wrong about how the 8th and 9th Gates correspond to chakras.)

I say, you’re not wrong at all. there are many more chakras, secondary and tertiary ones. Satan has given and shown a large number of these on the human body. But he has given a thorough tutorial with pictures on them.
Go to this page:

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There’s a list of chakras relating to instinctive centres of consciousness here - scroll down about halfway to Lesson 292, “Seven Centers of Instinctiveness”: Merging With Siva: Chakras.

I’ve done successful healing work on people using that system of chakras below the base of spine, fwiw. :slight_smile:

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A couple days ago I opened the Gate of Marduk. That was humbling.

I woke up early, before work, to do the ritual. I went through the usual steps of Opening each of the previous Gates first, using each Gate’s word of Power and the demonic enn that came to me when I first opened it. Then I went about Opening Marduk’s Gate in the usual way (commanding the Gate to open in the name of Marduk, chanting the alash tad incantation, etc.). Everything was going fine until I expected to “know” an appropriate enn to speak.


That expectation was my first mistake. The next expectation (and mistake) followed immediately: I had - without being entirely conscious of it - built up the idea, for several days, that Azazel would be the demon associated with this Gate. So, I began to repeat his enn… but it didn’t feel right. Then I heard a voice say, “You thought he would be the one to call for this Gate, didn’t you? You were wrong.” This was followed by antagonizing laughter.

Awesome. The voice sounded/ felt like Lucifuge Rofocale, so I called his enn a few times. Yep, he was the one who was laughing. He showed up very quickly and I despite myself, I said, “You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me.” Lucifuge Rofocale and I have a little bit of history in the last six months or so, and… hmm… it just came to my full attention that I need to sort some shit out with him. Anyways, he told me that I would not be able to complete the ritual at that time; that I would not realize the correct demon/enn just then, and I would not get the word of Power.

After a few more minutes I closed the ritual and went about my day.

That night, I went back to it. I found myself fumbling through a list of demonic enns that I have saved on my phone, trying one enn, then another, then another. For the record, this is not a very smart way to go. I do not recommend this, both because you are just grabbing straws hoping that you might - by some chance - pick the right one, and because you might just piss off a powerful demon. I was fortunate in that I was familiar with the demons that I was calling, and some of them showed up and silently supported me. (That part was very cool!)

Finally, I noticed what I was doing and centered myself. When I did, I followed an instinct to scroll up to the top of the list of enns. Being an alphabetical list, the very first name was Abaddon, whom I had not really worked with before, save for one brief time several months ago. Still, something told me that he was the right one, so I went for it:

Es na ayer Abaddon avage

… and the Gate lit right up! After I chanted Abaddon’s enn for a short while and the Gate was nicely charged, I asked for the word of Power. This time I got it, but there was more to it than the others. I asked Abaddon about this and he told me that the first part he gave me is to be used with the second part in order to clear out a bunch of crap that I have built up over time (e.g. thoughts, energy, etc. that is hindering the Gate from opening completely). When the crap is cleared and the Gate/chakra is at full power, I can drop the first part and just use the second.

Shortly after, I closed the ritual.

And tonight, I am Opening the Gate of Adar.


This is wicked cool and these demon enns are fantastic! Good luck on the next gate.

good stuff! i like what i’m reading here. you’re doing the work and it’s working

Last night I opened the Gate of Adar.

This was an interesting one. All day long, there were distractions and reasons not to do this ritual going through my head and other bullshit excuses. That continued into last night. My lady was tired so she went to bed early, which made what I had to do a little more convenient, but my neighbors were having a loud party, the streets were busier and noisier than usual, and police sirens were sounding out a lot more than I was used to. So when I went out to me chosen spot to open the Gate, my first thought was that it just wasn’t going to work; there was too much shit going on around me. But after a moment, the light bulb turned on:

Duh! Chaos! Of course there is more chaotic activity around me! Opening the Gates is, after all, laying the foundation for me to delve into realms of chaos anyway. And a great thing about chaos is that it’s energy can be used and channeled toward anything we want! So I stopped resisting all of the chaos around me, let it in, and channeled it into opening Adar’s Gate.

I went through each of the previous Gates, vibrating the words of Power and repeating the demonic enns. When I got to the 7th Gate I commanded it to open in the name of Adar. And on this Gate, when I spoke the enn of Azazel, it was right:

Eya on ca Azazel aken

On the second or third time speaking the enn, something else took over. I was suddenly repeating the enn in a sort of frenzy, over and over and over and over. I kept repeating the enn until I ran out of breath… and then I kept going. I have no idea how many times - or for how long - I kept speaking Azazel’s enn, but the Gate of Adar opened wide, and…

I looked into the Abyss. Literally. “Vast” does not even begin to cover it. Fuck. “Endless” doesn’t describe it as much as “deep”. Even though I was staring straight ahead of me, I felt like I could literally fall in if I weren’t careful.

After a bit, I asked Adar and Azazel for the word of Power, and I received it. I asked if I needed to paint each of the Gates before going beyond them. I was told no. I asked if I should work with the seven Gates that I have opened for awhile before opening Gates 8 and 9, and also, when should I open those last two Gates. I was a little shocked at the answer, which was to continue on the same schedule; open Gate 8 on Monday and Gate 9 on Wednesday.

After my initial surprise, and taking a moment to consider this, it actually makes good sense. These last two Gates are somewhat in line with the first two; they are the first two steps and the last two steps into… whatever the fuck it is that I am really moving toward in this work! Also, the 1st and 8th steps are performed on the day of the Moon, which, in this case, is setting the stage for Mercury to come in on Wednesday, with Gates 2 and 9. With Gate 9, Mercury is appropriate in that this is the Creative energy necessary to launch into an alternate reality.

I’m not sure if my explanation made sense, but if not please let me know.

After that, I thanked all demons and gods and closed the ritual.


Fuuuuuuuuuck! I just opened the Gate of Yuggoth. I still feel a bit nauseated.

I started out like usual, going from Gate to Gate, vibrating the words of Power and chanting the enns (which was when the nausea began). This time, I when I got to the 5th Gate I drew a blank on Abaddon’s enn. Total brain-fart! And I didn’t have my phone with me (with my lists of demonic enns in it). So after a moment, I walked back across the building to my apartment and got my phone. It just so happened that it was exactly midnight, which meant that I had opened half of the Gates before midnight, and I was about to open the other half after midnight. I definitely felt that this was no accident.

I resumed the ritual a few moments later, opening the next three Gates. Then came number 8: the Gate of Yuggoth. I had not ever met Yuggoth before, since I hadn’t evoked him. Oh well, too late.

I vibrated his name several times, commanded the Gate to open, and chanted the alash tad incantation. Soon, a familiar demonic enn came to me (actually, it occurred to me before I started the ritual that this was the right one, but I wasn’t banking on my expectations this time): that of Belial…

Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial

Bingo! I feel a surge of energy flow through me, and the Gate immediately took on a faint, rosy glow. The chakras in my feet were tingling and buzzing. I repeated the enn several times and then called out to Yuggoth.

He appeared at my feet, looking like a huge, rosy-colored centipede with a white-ish underbelly. His voice sounded like a hiss. I asked him, “What is this Gate?” He didn’t answer, but about a minute later my feet - still vibrating with energy - felt ice-cold. That cold spread to my breath and various spots in my body. I didn’t shiver, however, as that cold was (and still is) one with me. It feels truly terrible… but also very good.

While I was experiencing all of this, the Gate itself was in full 3-D, to a degree that I have not experienced with the other Gates. Two circles of different sizes, drawn as part of the Gate, now appear to be around the same size, but one is further away than the other. There were partial shadows on some of the Gate, adding more depth.

Then I found myself rolling forward and backward where I stood. It was a fluid motion, starting at my feet and moving up through my whole body. That cold was spreading to more of my body, and I felt like I was made of some kind of liquid ice.

After a few more minutes I felt exhausted so I thanked and dismissed everyone and closed the ritual.

It is certainly not lost on me that the demons who came to my assistance with the last four Gates are the four Demonic Gatekeepers, whom E.A. Koetting speaks of in the Book of Azazel. I am so curious who might show up when I open the 9th Gate! I have a guess, but I won’t make any assumptions.


I opened the 9th Gate last night! It was not what I expected at all. I am still trying to fully understand all of the implications.

I began in the usual way. When I came time to open the Gate of Krythnon I took a deep, excited breath, and began to vibrate Krythnon’s name. I commanded the Gate open in his name, then repeated the alash tad chant several times. Krythnon appeared a few inches from me, looking like a 5-foot tall munant insect with a sharp beak. He slowly walked around the front of me, surveying me in a threatening way and saying something about how I would taste. I had been through this sort of “testing my mettle” introduction before with some other demons. While Krythnon is certainly to be taken seriously, Clauneck scared the shit out of me a lot more when I first me him, so I told Krythnon directly, “I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not afraid to go through this Gate.” He took another moment to check me out, then eased up.

The Gate wasn’t quite flashing at this point, but it was starting to flicker. Shortly before the ritual, I had been browsing through different demons, what their powers were, etc., and Purson caught my attention. I remembered that he is one of the very first demons I ever evoked when I started working with enns. So, going back to the point in the ritual when the Gate started flickering, I spoke Purson’s enn:

Ana jecore on ca Purson

The Gate flashed a bit, but then calmed back down. WTF!!! That had’t happened before. Hmm… so I went to one of my lists of demonic enns to see if any other demons stood out for me. One did (sort of, but in retrospect it was more of a logical stand-out than a spontaneous one): Leviathan:

Jaden tasa hoet naca Leviathan

With her’s, there was a surge of flashing in the Gate and my body started to move (involuntarily) in an ebb and flow… until all of this dies back down, just like with Purson.

At this point, I started to panic a little; what the fuck was going on?! Feeling desparate, I spoke enns for Paimon, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Sitri, none of which connected at all. (I did notice, however, that some of the demons whos enns I had called were present, watching me work through all of this) So I once again called out to Krythnon (whom I could feel was amused), and asked him what demonic enn - if any - would be appropriate.

He calmly said, “Speak your own enn.”

What the hell did that mean? Speak an enn evoke myself? I tried doing just that, but it felt too forced. So I asked, “What is the word of Power for this Gate?”

“The word is yours,” came the reply, and then I heard “Non.” Non is my word of Power? That didn’t seem right, but after I vibrated it a few times, I realized that “non” was an indication that there was no word of Power for my Walking the 9th Gate… not at that moment, anyway.

I was getting very frustrated, and I was seriously doubting myself, so much so that I sat down in a nearby chair and stopped gazing at the Gate! As much of a faux pas as that was, it turned out to be the best thing; I had been getting too emotional and needed to just step back for a moment.

So after that moment, it dawned on me that I had been feeling far more… solid within my body since Krythnon showed up than I had felt in any other ritual. I don’t know how else to describe it; I felt more tangible as a being. So perhaps there really wasn’t a demon to call on or a word of Power for someone else to give me; maybe this Gate was a right of passage, where it was up to me to give a word of Power to myself!(?)

I stood back up and gazed at the Gate once again, and just as I was about to chant something (I don’t even remember what it was), I clearly heard a word in my mind.

My word of Power! Hah!

I vibrated it and it felt GOOD! And the Gate finally came to life, too! A moment later I felt that the ritual had run its course, even though I had not realized my enn.

On the subject of my enn: Every demonic enn includes the name of the demon. Let’s say I realize my own enn; what name to I call in that enn? The name given to me at birth? That’s just the name I have in this human lifetime; it’s not what I would consider my true name, nor am I aware of it, if I indeed have one.

Perhaps I will realize that, too, as I walk the Gate of Krythnon? Dunno. If anyone reading this has any ideas on this, I would love to know them.


(My word of Power! Hah!)

Hang on, I don’t understand. the word of power was HAH?


i forgot what it was like to gatewalk, it has been so long

you’re doing the right thing. don’t be thrown off by that.

i remember the last gatewalking i did almost 10 years ago. i was looking for a word of power as well, and i saw a hand write it on a wall, and as soon as it was written, it tried to erase the word. i had to HOLD the hand in place so i could read the word. when i got up, i remembered the hand almost looking like one of the fingers writing on the greater key of solomon sigils. it looked exactly like that. so things are going to move around and you just have to go through with it.

you see some crazy shit go on when you do the nec system. thanks for reminding me

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[quote=“Milla, post:41, topic:5066”](My word of Power! Hah!)

Hang on, I don’t understand. the word of power was HAH?[/quote]

No, Milla, the word of Power was not “Hah”. I was merely expressing my excitement that I had realized my word of Power.

I am not mentioning any of the words of Power that I have received in this pathworking. This is deliberate, as I do not believe that the words given to me are necessarily the words that you or somebody else may be given. I also would be doing everyone who reads this thread a great disservice if I were to write the words I have received, since a very significant part of the pathworking is to achieve getting the words of Power.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Yes, you’re right. I believe all those words of power are personalised for each individual that works the Gates. They could only be useful to you.