Working with someone

I understand that most of this work can be done alone for the most part, but I can only learn so much by reading and through trial n error. I would like to cut out the error section by learning from someone who’s had success in our work I learn much better that way. Idk if I’m able to make a post like this if not I apologize.


You must understand that even if someone gives you a successful ritual, say for money, and you follow it step by step there is still a chance you will fail, right? You can’t avoid failures, that’s how you learn.

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I understand that it’s the fact that when I do fail there would be someone that I can discuss the ritual with and figure out why I failed then to help find a way to succeed. I understand fully where you’re coming from making mistakes and failing is how we learn that’s just human nature.

So you want a Mentor. Gotcha. Still though, you won’t find anyone who never did or will do mistakes no matter his level.
Maybe you should change a bit the title to be more inviting for people interested to take an apprentice… :thinking:

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I really didnt know the right word to use but yes im looking for a mentor. And I know that no matter the level of someone they still make mistakes its inevitable I’m just trying to minimize the mistakes that I’m making cause I know that they’re beginners mistakes.

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Hey there! Just wanted to say that if you’rehaving trouble you can try to evoke Azazel. If it doesnt work then just say his name and he’ll be near. Then make your request. He can help you with the dark arts or even just send a mentor to you if that’s what you wish.


We have first hand knowledge of this don’t we? :sunglasses::+1:


i can help you i dont think ive never not had success in my invoketions…pm me if you would like


Is there anything specifically about your technique that you feel iffy about? Use your intuition.

I feel that sometimes my concentration isnt the greatest, I meditate but when I try to visualize things my mind tends to drift and try talking I’m working on reigning that in though.

@bunny4cam can u help me?

yes what can i help you with/tell you

Evoking spirits and the right way to do it…i have read alot on here and used the search bar for everything…

who are you calling


he is currently on my list can you tell me step by step what you’ve done so far as you prepare for your rite during and after wat supplies yu are using how many candles n color

So far i have only drawn his sigil and stsrted gazing at it .
I lit a black candle because he like black candles after gazing at the sigil i didnt notice anything different so i started talking to him and asked for my petition and the dismissed him…took the sigil and burned it with the candle

two things some ppl do burn sigil y idk but if you do that cancels everything it dismisses contact n nules everything so never burn until job is done two they done like being told they are dismissed i normally just say you can stay if you like but your free to leave also thank you for your time during these busy day we wil speak again later
also one candle isnt going to get you a good response either

il give you this step by step ok

step one clean your self and space

step two gather your supplies for the rite

step three the set up…set a chair or spot on the floor for you and your guest (entity) set the candle (make sure you have the right colors) between 3-5 will do better get your incenses (not necessary for invention…make sure smell are according to your guest…dont want to light a liylac one when king paimon likes frankensense) make sure sigil is clean charged not damaged n any way shape or form.(it stop cater from advancing n it disconnects you from your guest) bring pen n paper

step four relax clear your mind play calming music to help(i use the skyrim sound track from in game play its super easy to relax to)

step five once you feel ready light the candles left to right(never the other way around unless you are calling angels)

these steps should help guide you to do the rite and get a better response ok now offerings before hand equire you knowing them better try a unique offering that means something to you and is heart felt like art work writings music(listing or singing) craft those hold more higher out put of energy food is under that but you have to know what they like before trying to feed them then blood offerings that should only got to the one you kno well n make a pact with other wises its not needed or necessary
they dont want your soul so some may laugh at you and not take you serious if you offer it u only give up mind body n soul figuratively if you plan on getting married to a guest

other note; be confident in this if your confidence wavers then so does the spell and even the spirits keep in mind wen you are doing the ritual use the enn while calling out the name and asking to come to you 10 minutes should do if it helps you state your goals and intent before you start the enn chant that will make what you need known and out n the open also i did this i spoke my intentions my dreams n my goals about my life n kids before the enn so they could know me i added that i didnt want to do this to control them i wanted to become close friends with them and embrace this path and change my life to make it better it opened up a huge door i think after that. so try that also be respectful n humble yourself as well

last thing unless i remember something else if yo hear a voice in your mind that aint ours you made contact with them and write down the things you speak about or that are important some ppl say that forget about the convo shortly after the rite is done so write things down n if you dont hear the voice make a pendallum from a chain and a pendents or a ribbon and something else it just has to be able to swing freely also candle divination helps to they can ove the flame make it big or small so on n so forth you can also ask for dreams as well all these should help