Working with Sigils and Talismans how can i improve?

So been working with Sigils and Talismans working with a couple different techniques from Magic Number Squares or Sigils i have made with a Witches Wheel i also have used a couple other techniques and am starting to incorporate Different languages into them now.
This is a Talisman i whipped up to Increase Estrogen production and decrease Testosterone levels, i have also made another to get a more feminine body this one i have made using the 4 circles

1st Outer Circle is written with the Witches Alphabet Says “produce Estrogen” over and over again in that circle

2nd outer circle is a Spiral to help channel the Chaotic Energy of nature both negative and Positive

The 3rd circle again is written with the Witches Alphabet and says “I Produce Estrogen”

And the inner center circle is Sigils i made using the Witches Circle for “Produce” & “Estrogen”

I know there is always room for improvements and also want to start writing my Sigils in Latin or Hebrew but wanted to see what others do for there’s and what i can add to mine.
Also i am not using Any Spirits,Deities,Demons,Angels or Jinn to help with this Talisman and am doing it Purely with my Servator’s so want to start incorporating them into my Talisman and sigil Rituals and Ceremonies in the future. I’m still very new to praticing and putting what i know to use in this subject. So anything i can learn from others will help me progress even more with this matter. Thank you to all those that have read my post and thank you for being patient with me as I’m not the best with Writing or wording so do hope i was able to Convey what i wanted properly.


Maybe try some money magick to help with hormone pills and things like clothes and makeup.

Glamour magick is also quite powerful. You can request that others perceive you in a certain way. If you want people to see the feminine beauty in you, you can ask for that and you may be surprised about the results. It does help to complement the magick with things from you, like finding the clothes and whatnot that work well with your body type and doing more feminine non-verbal behaviors.

If you walk around and live your life in feminine energy, that energy will flow out of you and be seen by others. If you allow yourself to live in this way, instead of giving in to the undesirable feelings and energy that is perhaps making you want to seek out this sort of magick, it will become natural and effortless.

There is also magick for your relationships. Do you surround yourself with people who validate you? Do they recognize that it is the female energy you feel within yourself that matters?

Diet and exercise are also effective, but perhaps not the favorite bit to hear. The exact shape of your body doesn’t really matter. In case I need to say it, there are women of all shapes and sizes and proportions. By far most of them get laid and attract people with their womanly wiles. People are into all sorts of things. Statistically speaking, it helps to be fit and healthy, but regardless of what you got going on when the clothes come off, there are at least some people who are into that and who are attracted to the feminine energy that you can radiate from within yourself.

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