Working with Satan without being a satanist?

Hello, I am someone who personally does not believe that entities are independent beings but rather symbols of the collective unconcious which help someone to get easier into a trance state and connect with his deeper conciousness. I decided to work with the lord of darkness himself, however I do not think that he or any other entity literally exists how I stated before. I do not know how my position would be called but I am not willing to be called a “Atheistic” or “laveyan” satanist because I believe that there is a higher self and that we literally have the potential to become omnipotent (I am also an analytical idealist/non dualist) .I only want to work with Satan because he is the mightiest of all symbols for freedom,power and much more. Would you call me a satanist? Greetings Lonelyseeker

Heya Seeker,

I would say no, I’d call someone a satanist if that person assosiates with a satanic organisation or at least fully follows some satanic ideology. It shouldn’t stop you from working with the Satan archetype, however. Especialy if you have a more Jungian-like perspective instead of a theistic one.
I would call it a more “non-theistic view”. Since that implies less of a black and white view than atheistic, but still a little more rooted in science than seeing these spirits as external deities/ entities.


No, a Satanist is following a religion, and you are not.

I’ve worked with Lucifer and I’m not a Luciferian, for the same reason.

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Satanism is a religion, so if you are not religious you are not a Satanist.