Working with Santa Muerte

Hi all, looking for some advice for others who have worked with Santa Muerte. She was coming to me for a while in dreams and signs, so I would honour her but not ask for anything. About three weeks ago I had a horrible experience which led to me losing a lot of things, including my partner. I petitioned her for her help and asked her to bring this person back to me and punish those who had wronged me. The incident was about three weeks ago and I’ve been asking for her help just over a week now.

Everyday I light another candle for her, a new petition, refresh her offerings (tequila, cigarettes, wine, soda and candies or chocolates). I tend to share my food with her too. I have also had a doll made by my mother which she invoked the Morrigan for help with. This is too bind someone who was lying and get them to be kind to again.

When I first asked I had a lot of signs and a general feeling that it would happen quickly, but so far things appear to be getting worse not better (more people turning against me, lies and rumours being spread etc.) I’ve also recently felt a “dent” that things are slowing down and something is blocking the work - can anyone who has worked with her before tell me about their experiences? Give me some insight into what I should look out for?

Ask her to send you the information in a form you can both recognise, and understand. :+1:


From my experience She doesnt care whether you feel like things have slowed down. She emits the way she was approached… Do this…ok, done.

If you feel like something is blocking the way then i would pay attention to that. She may have done all She can at that point. The rest is up to you.

You’re focusing too much on whether the magic is working. You’ve asked her to help, she’s helping, leave it be.


Every sign I have had is positive - I think the biggest issue is that right now there’s an investigation into what happened and the person I want to attract back to me is getting involved with lies and scheming against me! Every time I hear about this it makes me angry and breaks my heart all over again I don’t know what I can to get justice and bring back what was taken from me

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Try asking for help from Andromalius and maybe also the Angel of Lost Things:

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@IrisAthena Has lots of stuff about Santa Muerte in her journal :

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