Working with Sallos

Although I’ve had good results with Sytry before, more recently I worked with Sallos and the results were remarkable enough that I felt compelled to post here.

After the previous woman I got with as a product of working with Sytry I had turned to angelic evocation of Anael/Haniel and Jazar from the NAP rituals, and although the woman I got that way was sweet and accommodating, in the end she just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I ended up hooking up with someone else and developing feelings for that person that really didn’t fit the FWB relationship we were having. I didn’t want those feelings, so I did an evocation of Sallos. My first meeting with him was essentially a consultation. The second I asked for his help, and fell asleep chanting his enn. When I awoke, the feelings were gone and I felt like a million bucks, totally empowered. This high lasted for quite a while. I’ve never before been able to simply end feelings of limerence (being “in love” with someone) before. It was amazing. It made me really happy to recover so quickly.

The next step was, of course, to move on. After my successful work with Sallos, this seemed to quickly fall into place. There was someone I’ve wanted to be with for most of my adult life, and every time she hit on me or flirted with me I fled. I guess I always thought she would be too hard to handle, or incompatible someone. Astrological incompatibility was an issue in my mind. We’re alike in so many ways, opposite in others. I thought it could be perfect, or impossible. That’s a really strange way to feel about someone. I always told her I had a crush on her, but I never clarified that. She’s really sexy and dressed provocatively in our club scene, so I think a lot of guys who might have said they had a crush on her could have meant they wanted to have sex with her. I always felt a kind of childlike love for her, like I was a kid in love with someone, but we usually had someone else. She had a boyfriend when I first met her, and I became friends with him. Over the years we’ve known each others mates, spouses even. I went to her first wedding. She became friends with my girlfriends, and I was friends with her boyfriends. We had a friendship and trusted each other and opened up to each other over the years, so we both compartmentalized that as friendship.

Then her first boyfriend from years ago, my friend, died. Both in mourning, I expressed again that I had always had feelings for her. Suddenly it seemed like an option… except that she lived on the other side of the country.

Earlier I was thinking about this, and it’s really weird, but the three biggest relationships of my life all moved across the country to be with me. The first moved back to Houston from Los Angeles for me, and strangely I found out recently that she died and nobody knows what happened. She “died in her sleep” and I don’t know what that really means. They’re doing a tox study. The second moved from Georgia to Texas to be with me. Now the third has moved from New Jersey back to Texas to be with me.

The beginning of our relationship was the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s crazy to think that. We both have said that. We both felt it. We both felt massive joy in our relationship. It was amazing. People around us were amazed. Our happiness was infectious.

Unfortunately we couldn’t just be together right away. She had to spend months trying to figure out how to move her to be with me, and the stress of that caused conflict and doubt and almost completely ruined our relationship. I began to believe she suffered from a mood disorder, and I wasn’t sure that it was such a good idea any more. She kept trying to get out of it. She said no one had made her like this since she was young, and she didn’t like it. Our conflicting personalities were causing intense friction. It made us both irrational, touchy, reactive. It was a mess.

After she moved it seemed okay for a while, but then the fighting started again… and again and again. It seemed like what had started with such joy and hope had turned to complete shit. I loved her with all my heart, but love isn’t always enough. You both have to be on the same page. Things have to line up. I put more effort into her and our relationship than I had put into a relationship in years and years, since I was a kid.

Along the way as I faced different challenges I navigated through them with tarot cards. I’ve been reading for over 30 years, since childhood, and I never cease to be amazed at how insightful they seem to be. It’s truly amazing sometimes. I would bounce ideas off them. Should I try this? Oh, bad results. How about this? No. This? Hmm. This? They helped me see things I was refusing to see, but the emotional instability of the relationship was making me a mess. I couldn’t function. I feel behind on my work. I was screwing up. All I cared about was finding a way to stabilize this messy relationship so I could get my life back on track again!

One night we were fighting again, and I tried making a pact with Sallos, asking him to help make this relationship work. The deal was that no matter how pissed off she made me, I couldn’t break up with her, and if she asked to be with me, I can’t say no. Never. He also advised me not to tell her about the deal, and said I should never belittle her, call her names, nothing like that. I was told to be nice and sweet no matter what. Easier said than done! Oh, I wish I had taken his advice, but I stuck to my guns and wouldn’t break up with her no matter how much she hurt my self-esteem or made me angry. Obviously I wasn’t managing my stress well, and it was bad for the relationship, but she was also extremely difficult and moody and played games, toying with me. She loved to push my buttons.

One night we were fighting and I just couldn’t take it any more. We had been fighting in her bedroom and I left and laid on the couch, and put my hands up as if in prayer and began chanting his enn. The I asked:

“Please help me. I don’t know what to do.”

He said, “It’s fine. You’re fine.”

The intense emotions inside me began to fade and I began to feel better almost immediately. To be certain, I asked again, “What should I do?”

“You’re fine.”

I swear to you that after that she was perfect. She even noticed the complete change. She stopped being the negative, anti-relationship person I had been dealing with. She stopped trying to reject me.

Our problems didn’t all completely vanish, but the way we dealt with them changed DRAMATICALLY. It was seriously weird. She knows I called on some kind of higher power, and she knows that power did something to her, but she’s happy about it. We’re getting along better than ever, being sweeter and more loving than before, and we’re so much happier. It really was just instant. At first I kept being doubtful and cautious, waiting for her to turn on me again. I thought surely I would be blamed for something, or she would blow up at me again, and the next time she seemed upset about something, it lasted about 10 minutes instead of destroying the relationship or lasting all day and night. Some fundamental thing has changed.

Recently I confessed to her that it was Sallos I had prayed to, and she seemed okay with it.

I offer this information to others who might be looking for a solution. This Goetic entity is a wonderful, powerful influence for good in relationships.

Serena Allora Sallos Aken


I’m glad that Sallos has come through for you. He truly is a great power when it comes to relationships. I plan on working with him again very soon.


What’s Sallos Enn?

Sallos Forever​:heart:️:clap::+1:


Serena Alora Sallos Aken

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