Working With Sallos

2 days ago I evoked Sallos to bring my ex back. We were together for 11 years. He left me 2.5 months ago. Over the last month we’ve been hanging out and going on dates several times a week. He still is withholding affection.

I evoked Sallos to bring him back within 30 days from that moment. He chuckled and said it won’t take nearly that long. That night I had 3 dreams, all of me doing some kind of magic to bring him back.

I’ll keep you posted.


I’ve made this its own thread, we’re trying to keep the long one JUST for things that worked, so please log as much as you want in here then feel free to add a link in that thread if it works out - fingers crossed for ya! :smiley:


Great! i hadn’t had alot of succes with Sallos
but i have a good feeling about your situation :slight_smile:


Hope it works out! I haven’t come across many people’s experiences with Sallos on here

This was my first evocation. Since I did it I seem to have a link with him. He’ll pop in from time to time while I’m going about my day and say something or ask me a question. He seems kind.


Duke Sallos is the man! I have had great experiences with him (I wrote about it about a month ago). He is kind and easy to work with. He does like to pop in from time to time. When he does pop in, take the time to speak with him and ask questions. He likes this and it builds your relationship with him.


That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. :wink:

I look forward to working with him more.

I just wanted to give an update. Sallos seemed to be doing the work he was charged to do. I was seeing almost daily movement towards the intended results. A time frame of 30 days to complete the task was given, but didn’t happen.

It seems I’m able to do the evocation with whomever, but the results never manifest completely. Anyone have that experience, or have some advice?


I did an invocation with the powerful Sallos today. Immediately upon chanting his Enn, I could feel the immediate presence. I made a pact with him. I’ll keep all informed of this as it unfolds. He was present and the deal was made, now I shall await the results.


Any update ? As i m looking forward to work with duke sallos

Yes…the things I requested have begun to materialize although slower than I impatiently wanted I realize I myself was not yet prepared which is why Sallos took the extra time to make things fall into place at the right moment.

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It goes as fast as you can handle it. Mine feels in retrograde at the moment simply because I had a massive crisis in what I thought was going on in my own mind, I’ve been actively avoiding him (yep I know it sounds dumb - I can’t make this look artificial, he has to chase me) and then of course there’s been my friend’s accident.

In my case the answer is I’m not yet quite ready for him, I have work to do on myself before I am right - he’s not going anywhere (that’s for sure) - it’s going to happen. I can see things are changing with me to order.

He’s figuring in my life and it won’t be platonic or certainly won’t stay that way - not what I’ve seen.

Point is this - they don’t have to do a damned thing to be the objects of your desires it’s always you who has to meet them and surpass their expectations. They have to be under your spell literally and that means getting off your bum and doing the work on yourself.

You may as well occupy yourself until you get your object of desire - I’m going to have to have something to talk with him about. :grin::grin::grin:

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What method did u used to invoke sallos . I tried twice different method but to no avail

Yes I’ve been like that to. I see sycronicites of Sallos bringing them to me, but it hasn’t happened quick. It is the placement of time and being ready. How long ago did you do the that ritual?

I love that, just cause I am in the same boat. When I see the girl I am going for I get impatient cause I’m like “damn why can’t she be mine now” and I don’t want her to go to anyone else. But, Sallos is a boss and I fully trust it will all come together perfectly. And all guys will stay away haha

I did the ritual in mid January