Working with potentially conflicting beings? Babatel and Source?

Source and Babatel both have a claim as being all. As someone who is interested in merging RHP and LHP, what roadblocks/issues/successes do you guys think I could have should I attempt to work with both of these aspects of all that is? Keep in mind I have much more to learn about each of these manifestations of all, but I’m here to learn.

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Um…I’m confused.

Source is not a spirit. The Eternal Source is the divine emanation from which all of Creation springs, including the gods. It is above Sat Nam and beyond all forms yet all forms are a part of it. It has no “aspects” to work with because everything is an aspect of It. When you work with any demon or god or angel or even another human, you are working with an aspect of the Eternal Source.

I have never heard of Babatel.


If Source is THE Light, then according to what I have read here, Babatel is THE Dark. Of course there is a high probability I am misunderstanding everything I have read about Babatel, but that just gives me more room to learn, correct?

My understanding of the Eternal Source is that it is neither Light nor Dark but encompasses both, for It is that from which everything springs. It is beyond all forms thus beyond all duality. When you reach beyond Sat Nam and the Formative Plane, qualities such as light and dark, left or right, cease to be. There is literally nothing that is not of the Eternal Source, even the nothingness of the Void is of It.


The only conclusion I can reasonably come to based on the information available to me, is that either Source and Babatel are equal parts opposite one another, or Babatel is not All as it claims to be. And seeing as neither of us have experienced Babatel, I don’t believe you are the correct person to ask regarding him. And it seems not many here have experienced Babatel, in the same way not many people have experienced Source. My conclusion is that those with extensive knowledge of both are few and far between. I apologize if I have accidentally struck a nerve with this; if you don’t know, you simply don’t know.

No worries, no nerve struck :slight_smile: I told you I have never heard of Babatel and thus have no experience of it/Him.

You asked for experience and I gave you mine. Take it as you will. Everyone’s UPG will differ.

By its very definition, Source can have no opposite. I have experienced the Eternal Source, and my UPG, for what it’s worth, is that the Eternal Source created Darkness by withdrawing part of Itself. However, I do not claim that is the capital T Truth, and it could change the more I explore and experience. That’s what I love about this stuff :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experience!

I suppose I am wrong to assume that this being who claims to be All is not an opposing force to source. There are just many confusing aspects of this new information I am gathering here and it is very easy to misinterpret words without having the experience first hand. I suppose more researching is in order!

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Yep! That’s part of the fun!

Not necessarily, but it is difficult to know without direct experience, and keep in mind that whatever assumptions you hold will colour that which you experience. There are people that hold to the truth of the religious idea of angels and demons being at war, and this assumption colours how they experience each interaction. Someone who does not hold that assumption will have a completely different experience.

I know what it is like to want all the answers but the way things are experienced individually can differ wildly and so objective truth in something as subjective as the occult is tricky.

I do look forward to reading whatever you find! :slight_smile:

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Im trying to remain as objective and unassumed as possible as I am aware of that aspect of the occult, and it makes it difficult to do research and know without coloring the experience.

Believe me, I will be sharing whatever I experience! I have considered starting a journal here as I think some of my notes/ideas/inspirations would benefit a lot of our members :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an excellent idea!

And now, because of this conversation, I have a nagging feeling that I should pay the Darkness a visit :smile:

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