Working with multiple spirits

is there any drawbacks if you work with multiple demons each day? like i tried to evoke both bune and king paimon for few problems i have
not sure if they agreed or not but at least on the case of bune i def felt that she was here and at some point i had a stupid smile on my face for no apparent reason
i just wonder if trying to evoke them each day even if it is to ask them to simply interract with me so that i could work out my astal senses is bothersome to them or should i just meditate on their sigil and just let it happen if it happen?

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I work with multiple guides at once. I tend to only invoke them and offer them to stay with me as long as best suits us both.

And so far The only issue I have run into is making sure to pay my daily respect to them. I work with about 10 :flushed: some are always there and have no issue with me forgetting to pay respects daily some I believe get a bit sad that I forget. I have my issues that make it difficult to remember daily but I think its more about the intent if it. Just like relationships with friends where you might text right back…or remember a week later you were suppposed to respond and the reply is still sitting in the drafts…(or is that just me?)

I tend to create more intimate relationships with my guides as well for that very reason. I’m rather forgetful especially in regards to business type arrangements…soooo you know yeah 🤦


I have a few long term relationships with a few.