Working with Metatron Repport journal

Hi everyone !
To set the topic purpose straight away I count on using it as a journal to note my experience and progress with magick and in this case : Metatron.

I’m currently working inderectly with him through the ritual of “Secret Money” from the book : Magickal Riches by Damon Brand

Day 4 of 9 of the ritual :
-Did the Circle of power (from Archangels of magick by Damon brand)as simple banishing beforehand to also help connect to the “feeling” of magick
-Felt focus at the end and also a lot energy going through the room

-Did the full ritual of Secret Money, at the end I was like absorbeb by the talisman of Metatron I had so easy to just look at it and stay focused ( it felt a bit too easy) and I ended up completly immersed into it
-Had a hard time finishing the ritual because of some kind of weird obsession rising within me to just look at the talisman but still manage to just let it go after a minute that seemed too short.

-Right after my closing of the whole thing I started to feel overwhelmed by all my senses, wich triggered my panik mode, still manage to overcome it quite fast
But the sensation of being overwhelmed was still there and bad enough to make me feel like I was loosing the grip of counsciousness
-Just in case I tell to potential entities that were not involved in the ritual to go away as I will banish them anyway at the next day
-Didn’t help so I just decided to do some breathing exercices and then go sleep with this feeling of tremendous power that went within me

Now that I think of it, it could have been Metatron just deciding to chill for some time in my room by me and to give me something that was in correlation with the ritual but hey that’s just a theory
Anyway that was really an intense experience ( and no I didn’t see or hear anything, maybe some slight white noise in the ears but I was too busy micro-managing myself back to normal)


Day 6 of 9 :
-Small update : I got a smull sum of money out of nowhere 30 Bucks yeah !
The magick is already showing itself

-While doing the ritual I got white noises in both of my ears for the whole thing.
-After the ritual I got plenty of weird tapping noise at the same spot in the room along some other things like a weird whisper(wich I didn’t understood) something else that I’ve forgotten, it didn’t bother me I slept over it really easily I though it was showing that my magick started to get more efficient

-Also My dreams are more vivid since I started doing rituals wich is pretty cool, I look forward working more in that sphere to have a better understanding how I could get some messages channeled through this medium.


Day 9 of 9 :

  • I have accomplishedthe full nine day in a row rituals
  • Haven’t done the banshing beforehand for the last three days to see how magick or whatever would react if energy accumulate in the room.
  • I get a lot of those white noise and more often in the left ear while and after doing rituals

So let’s see how it goes for this coming month !
I’ll report every now and then when I feel like enough happened to share it.


It’s been five days since I’ve done the ritual and oh boy I forgot that soon it was going to be my birthday(today)
So now that it is I got almost the double of money that I used to get, some people wich wouldn’t give mostly often by forgeting it or who where just not close enough to feel like it have decided that this birthday they’d give and share some of their wealth :joy:

Ahhhhh magick you’re ways always surprise me, to the point that I did a great ritual just in the perfect spot on the timeline without even considering it

I thank you once again Metatron for you help in making people even more generous toward me ! :hugs:

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I now do the ritual once each month and the results are still quite amazing.
I don’t know if it is because of the potency of it or just because it seems that I have an easier time working with archangel or why not especially Metatron.

Anyway shortly after repeating the ritual, maybe a week after I just got another small oportunity to get money flowing steadily.
I had another project this year asking for quite a lot of money and I wasn’t sure by making some comptability to be able of having enough money to enjoy it.
But those doubt vanished after a few months and money flowing in quite easily.

It’s quite relaxing seing bucks coming in, also don’t misunderstand me it’s nothing like thousands and thousands of bucks, but it’s a confortable flow that is quite releaving.